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11 Very Creepy Videos from Ed and Lorraine Warren’s YouTube Channel That You Can Watch Right Now

Browsing YouTube late at night has never been more terrifying. 

9 Creepy YouTube Videos of Ed and Lorraine Warren still from Seekers of the Supernatural
  • Photo Credit: Official Ed and Lorraine Warren Channel / YouTube

1. Annabelle, the Doll that Kills

2. Ed and Lorraine Warren Discuss the Amityville Case

3. The Satanic Worship Idol

4. The Donovan Poltergeist in West Hartford

5. Lorraine Warren Visits Edinburgh Scotland's City Under the City

6. The Smurl Case's Succubus/Incubus

7. The White Lady Ghost of Union Graveyard

8. The Cursed Tunnels of Japan

9. Killer Doll of Shadows

10. Is Your House Haunted? 

11. Ed and Lorraine Warren Talk about the Real Story of "Annabelle"