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11 Very Creepy Videos from Ed and Lorraine Warren’s YouTube Channel That You Can Watch Right Now

Browsing YouTube late at night has never been more terrifying. 

9 Creepy YouTube Videos of Ed and Lorraine Warren still from Seekers of the Supernatural
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Sometimes, watching video recordings of real-life paranormal investigations doesn't satisfy that itch for the supernatural. We should know, we've been on a number of paranormal investigations ourselves! Despite securing the best ghost hunting equipment or partnering up with the best ghost hunters around, sometimes, the spirits of the night simply don't want to show up.

Ed and Lorraine Warren, famed (or infamous, depending on how you view them) demonologists, occult museum owners, and authors of multiple books about the supernatural, have amassed a sizeable archive of allegedly haunted artifacts and audio and video recordings of their own encounters with the other side—so much so that they established The Warren's Occult Museum. With interest in the Warrens revitalized thanks to the Conjuring movies, many are eager to learn more about this ghost-hunting duo, the cases they investigated, the eerie objects they collected, and the paranormal activity they documented on video. 

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Ed Warren passed away in 2006; Lorraine Warren passed in 2019. Yet while the Warrens are no longer with us, their investigations into the paranormal live on. Tony Spera, Ed and Lorraine's son-in-law, is the co-director of the New England Society for Psychic Research and serves as the curator of The Warren's Occult Museum (which, alas, is now closed). Tony also oversees the Official Ed and Lorraine Warren Channel on YouTube, posting everything from vintage footage of the Warrens to present-day clips from the Occult Museum documenting the many haunted objects the museum houses. 

Curious to take a peek? Here are some of the creepiest videos from the Ed and Lorraine Warren YouTube channel that you can watch right now. 

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1. Annabelle, the Doll that Kills

The Conjuring series devoted several films to Annebelle, and after watching this video it's easy to see why. This seemingly innocuous Raggedy Ann doll has a long and haunted history, with claims ranging from demonic possession to being the psychic home for the spirit of a deceased girl. The Warrens first learned of Annebelle in the 1970s, after the doll's owner, a nursing student, came forward with accounts of its strange behavior. The Warrens investigated, declared the doll dangerously haunted, and locked up Annabelle into a glass case in their occult museum, where it has been housed ever since. 

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2. Ed and Lorraine Warren Discuss the Amityville Case

The Amityville Horror is one of the most notorious cases the Warrens' ever investigated; after spending time at the scene and exploring the darkened rooms of 112 Ocean Avenue, Lorraine said she hoped it was "the closest to hell [she'll] ever get." A bit of backstory: In the early morning hours of November 13, 1974, Ronald 'Butch' DeFeo Jr murdered six members of his family at the DeFeo home in Amityville, Long Island. Little over a year later, the Lutz family moved in, and soon began experiences paranormal phenomena. The clip above captures the Warrens as they discuss their investigation, sharing both their chilling personal experiences and documentation they produced while investigating the location. 

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3. The Satanic Worship Idol

One of the many idols housed in The Warren's Occult Museum, this occult figure is not something you want to find hanging over your bed at night. In the clip, Tony delivers an in-depth summary of the discovery and potential purpose of the idol, including a young deer hunter's initial encounter with a strange man who possessed the figure. Ed quickly recognized the figure as a satanic symbol and the man as a potential cultist, deciding to bring it back to the museum. 

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4. The Donovan Poltergeist in West Hartford

As Ed describes is this vintage clip, the Ouija board is nothing to scoff at. The story begins as a paranormal love story to rival Twilight; the Donovan family's teenage daughter was enamored with what she thought was the spirit of a teen boy, and maintained a seemingly benign communication with him for a year. Unfortunately, the spirit was far more malevolent. The situation soon darkened, culminating in the violent torment of the family. The Warrens were contacted and investigated the matter, which they detail in the clip. 

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5. Lorraine Warren Visits Edinburgh Scotland's City Under the City

The Warrens traveled abroad several times to investigate historic locales with paranormal sitings, often escorted by knowledgable and charismatic characters. The tunnels under Edinburgh, Scotland range from cramped corridors to vast chambers, adorned with masonic carvings and folklore as old as the tunnels themselves. From the history of the shops and occupants of the tunnels to the bodies left to decay in the charnel city below the city, Lorraine's curiosity helps reveal the undying energies coursing beneath Scotland's capital city. 

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6. The Smurl Case's Succubus/Incubus

Another well-known case investigated by the Warrens, this clip from the Seekers of the Supernatural discussion covers the Smurl haunting of Scranton, Pennsylvania. At first, the haunting was harmless enough. Yet it soon turned violent: mirrors shattered and claw marks gouged the walls while one of the family members reported that she was sexually assaulted by a malevolent spirit. The latter suggested a demonic entity known as an Incubus or Succubus, which Ed evaluated as a particularly destructive one. 

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7. The White Lady Ghost of Union Graveyard

As Tony says in this video, the story of the White Lady of Union Cemetery of Easton, Connecticut is potentially a century old. The mannequin shown in the video is only a representation of what witnesses claimed to have seen, but the emotional resonance of an encounter with the real thing left a man in tears afterward. Ed spent a full week outside the graveyard with a camera to capture the entity, from 9 PM to 6 AM. He claims to have captured footage of the White Lady on the final day, though the footage itself has yet to surface.

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8. The Cursed Tunnels of Japan

The most frightening paranormal sites are often linked to equally horrific historical events. Ed Warren was a WWII US Navy veteran. In this clip, he opens up about his personal experiences living on a ship and observing a war-torn Japan. The discussion ranges from encountering samurai spirits and yokai to his experiences at locations near mass burials of cholera patients and victims of the atom bomb. Descriptions of the interviews shed light on many supernatural and historical horrors of rural Japan. 

9. Killer Doll of Shadows

In the mood for more creepy dolls? In this clip, Tony gets up close and personal with a very evil figurine known as the Killer Doll of Shadows. Tony claims the doll is made out of bones and even has a human tooth lodged in its mouth. Ahem. Sleep tight after watching this one. 

10. Is Your House Haunted? 

As mentioned, Tony is the co-director of the New England Society for Psychic Research and a famed paranormal investigator in his own right. In this informative clip, he shows you how to recognize the tell-tale signs of a haunted house and what you can do about your otherworldly houseguests. 

11. Ed and Lorraine Warren Talk about the Real Story of "Annabelle"

It's fitting to wrap up with where we began: discussing a notoriously haunted doll named Annabelle. Tony gave an abridged retelling when showing off Annabelle itself, but hearing Ed and Lorraine speak about the total history of the doll in this clip, including their decades of investigations and reporting, is an eye-opening report that is definitely worth a watch. Of course, the doll is today a horror and pop culture icon. So hearing about the doll and its creepy origins from the Warrens themselves, long before the first Conjuring movie hit theaters, provides a unique perspective. 

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The eerie viewing doesn't end here, friends. If you're searching for more frights, there are plenty more clips to explore on the Official Ed and Lorraine Warren YouTube Channel

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Featured Still from "Seekers of the Supernatural" via Official Ed and Lorraine Warren YouTube Channel