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8 Essential Pieces of Ghost Hunting Equipment That Every Ghost Enthusiast Needs

Dying to go on your own ghost hunt? Better first stock up on your ghost hunting gear.

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  • Photo Credit: Pixabay

Going on a ghost hunt is a truly chilling experience. Imagine journeying down the pitch-black halls of a haunted inn or venturing into the basement of a cursed sanatorium in search of spirits. While some might find this activity a bit spooky, expert ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts alike are happy to dive into the gloom in hopes of coming into contact with the spirit world.  

So you want to break into the world of ghost hunting yourself? Well, as the old saying goes: A ghost hunter is only as good as the ghost hunting equipment she possesses. That's why we rounded up eight gadgets essential to any ghost hunting excursion. Of course, results will vary depending on whether your chosen location is actually haunted—but it doesn’t hurt to try, right? And with the ghost hunting gear below, you'll be ready for whatever eerie activity comes your way. 

SBox Ghost Box Scanner with Spirit Box and EVP Recorder

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  • Photo Credit: SBox

In need of a proper instrument to record those ghostly dispatches? Look no further than this handy device that, quite honestly, does it all. The SBox Ghost Scanner is an easy-to-use tool that utilizes radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise from existing FM and AM bands. Paranormal investigators believe this static field provides spirits with the energy they need to be heard. The scanner also has a record function so you can capture and play back the voices you may hear calling out through the static. With a long-lasting battery that can last over 23 hours, the SBox Ghost Scanner is definitely a must-have for overnight ghost hunting. 

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Rechargeable EMF Meter

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  • Photo Credit: Cambridge Labs

Ghost hunters believe that changes in electromagnetic field readings point to signs of possible paranormal activity. So if you’re trying to prove whether or not there is an invisible specter haunting your home, this EMF meter is your best bet. With a clear LCD screen that displays EMF levels with pinpoint precision, it would be almost impossible to mess up any documentation of EMF changes. Even if you aren’t into ghost hunting, this useful device is also good to use in case you’re trying to measure levels of radiation in your home or office. 


The Everything Ghost Hunting Book

By Melissa Martin Ellis

Written by ghost hunter extraordinaire Melissa Martin Ellis, this book will give you all the information you need to launch your own paranormal investigation. For novices and experts alike, The Everything Ghost Hunting Book contains some of the most up-to-date knowledge on the tech and methods modern-day ghost hunters use to document encounters with the spirit world. The book also contains images of orbs, ghostly silhouettes, and other paranormal phenomena that will chill readers to the bone. This book is definitely a handy guide for anyone looking to dive into ghost hunting. 

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Ultra HD Night Vision Video Camera

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  • Photo Credit: Ancter

So it’s cool and all to hear some eerie wailings or disembodied whispers, but nothing beats actually recording a spirit gliding through the room. After all, the Paranormal Activity franchise made a killing off this kind of stuff. So why not follow in the same footsteps? Granted, you probably won’t spawn a multi-million dollar franchise—unless you happen to live in the Perron family's former home. But at least you'll be ready in case something otherworldly is truly troubling your basement or attic. Complete with infrared night vision, this camera can truly do it all—in 4K too!

Dowsing Rods

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  • Photo Credit: FM&OT

If you’re looking to take an old-school approach to ghost hunting, definitely consider these bad boys. Before the age of EMF and other ghost-related tech, dowsing rods were used to locate ore, water, and in our case, paranormal activity. Ghost hunters and mediums have long used dowsing rods to pose questions to spirits, holding each rod loosely in the hand and then asking spirits to move one of rods in response to a particular question. Simple, yet effective!

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Night Vision Monocular

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  • Photo Credit: Solomark

Let’s say your ultra HD 4K night vision camera is all set up to document a room at a particular angle—but then, suddenly, you detect a presence in the hall or the darkened far corner behind you. That's where this useful gadget comes in. This device allows you to peer into the gloom and see what’s going on in the dark, and it even records images and video as well! This monocular is helpful in the event you want to witness some paranormal activity with your own eyes...or in this case, eye.

Thermal Imaging Camera

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  • Photo Credit: Urpro

In the crazy event you actually make contact with the other side, a thermal camera can be used to locate and visualize the paranormal activity in your immediate area. In most cases, cold spots or handprints on objects indicate where a ghost has been. This handy device shows you where these cold spots are, and it even displays it on the screen. This item is an absolute must-have when you’re checking out a room during recording sessions, or even after.

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Motion Detector

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  • Photo Credit: Skylink

This device is a staple in any ghost hunter’s arsenal. These sensors are designed to alert you to some sort of presence in a room by releasing a glorious beeping noise when it detects a moving object. This piece of tech is definitely worth grabbing if you’re going to prep a room for some overnight paranormal surveillance.

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Featured Photo: Pixabay