Nothing chills the blood like a cold case. Search through our eerie tales of mystery, from unexplained disappearances and sudden vanishings to unsolved mysteries.

Hands Up! 10 Heists that Netted Millions (and Billions)

Hands Up! 10 Heists that Netted Millions (and Billions)

These schemes promised millions – so long as the perpetrators could get away with it.

Welcome to The Lineup!

Welcome to The Lineup!

Your mysterious and thrilling home away from home.

When Outlaws Become Inlaws

When Outlaws Become Inlaws

Find a new claim to fame by uncovering black sheep in your family tree.

How to Spot the Psychopath in Your Office

How to Spot the Psychopath in Your Office

Better watch your back in the break room.

Get the Mole!

How CIA agent Sandra Grimes took down the traitor in her own organization.

Inside Surrey County Asylum

A Victorian psychiatrist photographs his patients with haunting results.

The Secret Code of Spies

Tune in to eerie radio frequencies not meant for civilian ears.

Harry Crawford: Cross-Dressed to Kill

Harry Crawford: Cross-Dressed to Kill

Harry Crawford had it out for his wife after she discovered his big secret.

12 Killers From Death Row and Their Eloquent Last Words

John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and H. H. Holmes wax poetic from death row.

Blasts from Crime Scenes Past

Photographer Marc A. Hermann mashes vintage snaps with their current-day scenes.

William Hope: Spirit Photographer

He saw dead people – but only through a camera lens.

Tracking Down Rudolph Fentz

Is the case of Rudolph Fentz a true tale of time travel, or an urban legend too bizarre to believe?

American Seance: The Strange Visions of the Fox Sisters

On a cold night in upstate New York, Kate and Margaret Fox convinced their mother they could see ghosts.

Alphonse Bertillon’s Shocking Crime Scene Photos

The grisly images of this turn-of-the-century criminal investigator revolutionized forensic photography.

Would You Haunt Your Ex?

It’s a valid question – especially if he’s the one who killed you.