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Grýla and The Yule Lads: Iceland’s Terrifying Christmas Tradition

13 evil Yule Lads and their hideous, ogre mother descend from the mountains to snack on tiny humans every holiday season.

A Break in the Case: Was Jack the Ripper Actually Three Men?

A private investigator claims to have cracked the infamous case—and top Ripper experts are taking note.

6 Stories for Edgar Allan Poe Fans

Young writers create creepy hommages to the original master of horror.

Behind the Veil: How We Dress for Death

This month The Metropolitan Museum of Art pays respect to a century of mourning attire with the exhibition Death Becomes Her.

Kate Webster: A Real-Life Sweeney Todd Story

In 1879, Irish housekeeper Kate Webster killed her employer, boiled her body, and fed the fat to small children.

11 Gifts for Amateur Sleuths and Super Spies

Hidden cameras, masterful disguises, and Sherlock Holmes-inspired deduction instructions to slip under the tree.

Madeleine Smith: The Hot Cocoa Killer

Madeleine Smith had a rich fiancé, a secret lover, and one hell of a hot chocolate recipe. We recreate her cup of cocoa ... without the lethal ingredient.

When Harry Met Edna

A box of their unmarked photographs jumpstarted the Internet's most heartwarming manhunt.

4 Killer Halloween Costume Ideas

Think beyond "sexy ghost" with these easy costumes inspired by serial killers of eras past.

4 November Movies Better Than The Hunger Games

A true crime indie, a period piece that cracks the code, a foreign drama with mysterious undertones, and a thrill ride through Columbia's drug trade.

Ghostwriter’s Tragic Backstory Revealed

It was the only mystery the team of kid detectives never figured out.

The Next Great American Crime Story

TV show creator Ryan Murphy announced his next project: an inside look at the O.J. Simpson trial. What famous true crime case should he tackle next?

How We’d Populate Gotham

After three weeks of watching the slick, new comic book prequel, we're ready to re-cast a few key roles.

The Detection Club: 10 Rules for Writing a Mystery

"The detective must not himself commit the crime."

Harry Crawford: Cross-Dressed to Kill

Harry Crawford had it out for his wife after she discovered his big secret.

Watch List: Fargo

It’s grislier than its big-screen inspiration – and that’s only one of the reasons you won’t be able look away.

A Song for a Serial Killer

John Wayne Gacy plays muse to Sufjan Stevens in this haunting melody.

Would You Haunt Your Ex?

It’s a valid question – especially if he’s the one who killed you.

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