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Kara Nesvig

31 Unsettling Details About America’s Creepiest Serial Killers

With these notorious killers, the disturbing details just keep coming ...

15 Things Most People Don’t Know About The O.J. Simpson Trial

Everyone remembers the bloody glove, but do you the name of the serial killer who actually confessed to the infamous murder of Nicole Brown Simpson?

The Stairway to Hell in Tagus, North Dakota

Ghost trains, "hell hounds," and glowing gravestones haunt this tiny, abandoned prairie town that supposedly contains a stairway to hell.

10 Creepy and Beautiful Cemeteries to Visit Once in Your Life

From the cobblestone paths of Pere-Lachaise to a quiet Kansas graveyard that hides a gate to Hell, these creepy cemeteries are definitely worth a trip.

10 Killer Children That Will Creep You the Eff Out

From an obsessive poisoner to a couple of teenage girls out to have "fun," these youngsters aren't as innocent as they look.