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5 Upcoming Horror Books Written by Women that You Should Add to Your TBR 

These female frights are must-reads. 

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You probably already know this, but just in case you haven’t heard, it’s clear that horror is having a serious moment.

Both film and literature are truly pushing new bounds in all the best ways, which makes it an extremely exciting time to be a fan. More than ever, women are leading the way in creating some of the most provocative and inimitable works of the genre. 

2024 is already shaping up to be one astounding year for horror, which means it might be hard to pick a new title for your TBR pile. 

So to make your life easier—and to spread the word on these remarkable authors and their forthcoming releases—here are five upcoming horror books written by women that you should pre-order today.   

Hollow Tongue (Selected Papers from the Consortium for the Study of Anomalous Phenomena Book 5)

Hollow Tongue (Selected Papers from the Consortium for the Study of Anomalous Phenomena Book 5)

By Eden Royce

Eden Royce is without a doubt one of the very best authors working in speculative fiction today.

Her collections, Spook Lights and Spook Lights 2, are a pair of the best Southern Gothic horror you’ll ever read, and her debut novel, Root Magic, is such an incredible foray into the world of familial magic and beyond. 

Needless to say, it’s extremely exciting news that Royce has a new book out this month. Hollow Tongue, a novella from Raw Dog Screaming Press, is all about Maxine, a woman who must return to live in her childhood home after an accident.

She soon realizes that the past is more than eager to get its hands on her, as the specters of her parents and her trauma hang over her.

If that doesn’t intrigue you, then I don’t know what will, so definitely put this book on your to-read pile as soon as possible.   

catherine the ghost book cover

Catherine the Ghost

By Kathe Koja

I’m a huge fan of retellings, especially in the horror genre, so when I was given the chance to blurb Stoker winner Kathe Koja’s forthcoming Wuthering Heights retelling from Clash Books, you better believe I jumped immediately at the offer. Fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed. 

Instead, what I found was an unusual and haunting reworking of the gothic classic that focuses on mother and daughter Cathy and Catherine and the darkness that pervades their existence, even after death.

If you’re like me and enjoy a good retelling, then I can’t recommend this one highly enough. It’s more than worth your gothic-loving time.  

Midnight Rooms: A Novel

Midnight Rooms: A Novel

By Donyae Coles

Donyae Coles has long been a staple in the horror short fiction community, consistently producing some of the most vital and memorable tales in the genre.

Now with her debut novel, Midnight Rooms, ready to hit bookshelves at the beginning of July, it’s so exciting to know that even more readers will soon discover her fantastic work. 

And fantastic is the perfect description of Midnight Rooms, which follows new bride Orabella as she travels to her groom’s strange far-flung estate, only to find horrifying mysteries waiting to greet her.

With the vibes of Crimson Peak, you can be sure that this gothic novel will unnerve and entertain you in all the best ways.  

Shrouded Horror: Tales of the Uncanny

Shrouded Horror: Tales of the Uncanny

By KC Grifant

K.C. Grifant is a major rising voice in the horror community. She’s not only fully engaged in the behind-the-scenes aspects of the genre—as evidenced by her recent and highly successful turn at the helm of San Diego StokerCon—she’s also producing some fantastically original work, including Melinda West: Monster Gunslinger.

This year, she’s releasing Shrouded Horror: Tales of the Uncanny, and with a title like that, you know you want to learn more. 

Inspired by the likes of The Twilight Zone and Creepshow, these stories might be taking a page from classic horror, but no doubt Grifant will put her utterly original spin on every page. So walk, don’t run to your nearest bookstore, and pre-order now.  

girl in the creek wendy wagner book cover

Girl in the Creek

By Wendy N. Wagner

Wendy Wagner is an author and editor extraordinaire. As the editor of Nightmare, she’s already more than made her mark on the genre, but she’s also an unbelievably accomplished author in her own right, with a bevy of unforgettable stories.

Girl in the Creek will be her first book from the illustrious Tor Nightfire, and based on the description, it’s clear that Wagner will once again knock it right out of the park. 

After losing her brother, a woman investigates the forest where he disappeared, only to realize there’s more going on than meets the eye when yet another person goes missing.

This particular book isn’t slated for release until next year, but I seriously cannot wait until it’s out, so keep this one on your radar. I have no doubt it’s going to be amazing.  

Featured image: Thought Catalog / Unsplash