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9 New Horror Books Releasing in Spring 2024 That We Know You're Dying to Read  

If authors are going to continue to release killer books, we're more than willing to house a murderer.   

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No matter how many books are in my TBR, I always want more. And I’m not alone.

There aren’t any requirements for being a bookworm, but if there were, searching for books while currently reading a book with full knowledge that you have piles waiting in the wings would definitely be at the top. Besides, it’s not my fault.

Authors keep writing killer books and publishers keep adding them to my favorite retail sites, which means I have to keep buying the books. I may read horror, but I’m not a monster. Those books need homes, and I’m more than willing to provide one.

If you’re like me, you probably are dying to know what is coming down the pike.

Here are nine new horror books releasing this spring that I can't wait to dive into. 

Ghost Station

Ghost Station

By S.A. Barnes

Space exploration can be lonely. And dangerous.

That’s why Dr. Ophelia Bray has dedicated her life to understanding ERS, a space condition that led to the brutal murder of twenty-nine people. As she settles into her residency on an abandoned planet, everything starts off fine.

But the more time goes on, the more convinced she becomes that the crew is keeping a secret. And then their pilot is gruesomely murdered.

Is this a sign of the violent deterioration that marks ERS? Or is something else going on? 

The House That Horror Built

The House That Horror Built

By Christina Henry

Cleaning the house of director Javier Castillo is a dream come true for Harry Adams. She loves horror and the forboding Chigaco mansion is filled with terrifying props, glittering costumes, and dazzling awards—all from Javier’s horror movie career.

Javier values his privacy and Harry works hard to keep the house in tip-top shape. Until she hears a noise behind a locked door. One that sounds suspiciously like someone asking for help.

If she wants to keep her job, Harry knows she can’t ask any questions. But there may be more secrets in that house than Harry can ignore. 



By Nour Abi-Nakhoul

A woman wakes up in a basement. She’s tied to a chair. And a man is standing above her.

But somehow, there’s a knife. As she escapes, she emerges into a city she doesn’t recognize filled with nightmares. To survive, she has to figure out who to trust and who to run from.

All she can do is keep moving and hope she finds a way to escape the terrifying reality she stumbled in. 

Indian Burial Ground

Indian Burial Ground

By Nick Medina

Noemi Broussard wants a fresh start. Now that she has a boyfriend who treats her right, maybe her plan to leave the reservation she grew up on will finally come true

 After all, her beloved Uncle Louie made it. But when her boyfriend allegedly commits suicide, her plans come crashing down. Only, the details of Roddy’s death don’t add up.

And when Louie returns after more than a decade away, he brings a past filled with secrets. Together, Noemi and Louie work to unravel the buried truths that may reveal the true cause of Roddy’s death.

But some things are better left alone…

My Darling Dreadful Thing

My Darling Dreadful Thing

By Johanna van Veen

When Roos Beckman meets the young widow Agnes Knoop at one of her backroom seances, the attraction is immediate.

Roos can see spirits, and has a spirit companion that only she can see. And Agnes wants Roos to come live in the crumbling mansion she just inherited from her dead husband. But when someone ends up dead, Roos is to blame.

It doesn’t help that she’s caught red-handed. Or that no one believes a spirit is to blame. With her sanity and freedom on the line, somehow Roos has to prove that she’s innocent.

Or she’ll lose everything. 

Dead Girls Walking

Dead Girls Walking

By Sami Ellis

Temple Baker doesn’t want to be bad. But evil runs in her veins. 

hat much became obvious after her serial killer father confessed to murdering twenty people on the farm she grew up on. Despite that, Temple never believed he killed her mother. And she’s going to prove it.

Under cover as a horror camp counselor built on their land, Temple struggles to keep her real identity hidden as she tries to literally dig up the truth.

But when one of the girls ends up dead, Temple worries one of her father’s fans is masquerading as a copycat. As she tries to keep the rest of the girls safe, Temple has to confront the possibility that her father wasn’t the only monster hunting in the woods. 

Immortal Pleasures

Immortal Pleasures

By V. Castro

In the time of the conquistadors, she was known as La Malinche. History would know her as a traitor.

After she destroyed her people, she was reborn as Malinalli, an immortal vampire. Now, she travels the world to reclaim artifacts stolen from her land and returns them.

But after centuries, she craves pleasure and love. When she finds herself in Dublin searching for two Aztec skulls tied to her own past, she finds two men, each satisfying her cravings in different ways.

One is human. The other immortal.

But to find out which one is the right choice, she has to journey into the heart of her own desires. 

The Angel of Indian Lake

The Angel of Indian Lake

By Stephen Graham Jones

Proofrock, Idaho might seem like an idyllic playground for the rich, but to Jade Daniels it’s always been home. Even if home hasn’t exactly been kind to her.

It’s been four years since Jade has seen her hometown. And while a lot has changed, some things stay the same.

Because there’s a reason the people in Proofrock keep dying. It’s a truth no one wants to confront. Except, maybe no one else can.

Now that Jade is back in town, it’s time to take one final stand.  



By Polly Hall

Myrrh lives with a goblin inside her head. All it does it recount her failures, tells her everything she’s done wrong. And as she searches for her birth parents, she’s silenced, cut off, and failing at every turn.

Cayenne feels trapped. Stuck in a loveless marriage where her stepdaughter pushes her farther away from the tiny family at every turn, she is haunted by visions that a baby will make everything okay.

The two women find their paths connecting, bringing with it dark secrets, strange connections, and a terrifying end. 

Featured image: Branimir Balogović / Unsplash