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A True Account of Murder: An Interview with Catherine Pelonero

The bestselling true crime author discusses the disturbing crimes of .22 Caliber Killer Joseph Christopher.

By Gary Sweeney

Shudder Knows How to Freak You Out

You've just found the horror movie streaming service where nightmares are made.

By Aliza Polkes

Wes Craven’s Last Killer: An Interview with Luke Baines

What was it like to work with the master of horror?

By Jessica Ferri

Prison Pen Pals: Amanda Howard on Her Collection of Letters from Serial Killers

One cannibal killer even sent her a meaty recipe—and suggested she use herself as the main ingredient.

By Christine Colby

Speaking with the Dead: An Interview with Psychic Profiler Robbie Thomas

Robbie Thomas’ psychic abilities have helped solve some gruesome crimes.

By Cheryl Knight

Cold Case Sleuths: An Interview with the CCIRI

Meet the mind behind the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute, a real-life detective club that tackles unsolved murders throughout history.

By The Lineup Staff

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