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The Best Horror Movies Streaming on Amazon Prime This Month

Uncover the bone-chilling horrors awaiting you in the dark.

best horror movies streaming on amazon this month
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There's no shortage of great horror content on Netflix, Hulu, and Shudder, but the real underdog in the game is Amazon Prime. While almost every movie imaginable is available on the platform for a small rental fee, the free movies may not be so easy to find. It's a good thing we at The Lineup have done the hard work for you. From beloved classics to hot new releases, here's the very best horror that Amazon Prime has streaming this month.

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When aspiring actor Sam (Sawyer Spielberg) travels with his botanist girlfriend, Rylie (Malin Barr), to investigate a fungus outbreak plaguing New England farms, they must seek help at a nearby farmhouse when their car breaks down. Taken in by an eccentric woman named Karen (Barbara Kingsley) and her strange son, Gunni (Jamie Bradley), the couple is dragged into a mind-bending night of strange appetites.

The Rage: Carrie 2

A sequel that deserves more appreciation than it tends to get, it's really only loosely connected to the events of the original Carrie film. After her best friend commits suicide, outcast Rachel Lang (Emily Bergl) struggles with feelings of loneliness. Tormented by the popular crowd, Rachel must also grapple with her unwanted telekinetic powers. Sue Snell (Amy Irving), the only survivor of Carrie White's rampage two decades ago, sets out to help her come to terms with these abilities. But Rachel is hurtling toward a deadly trap.

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Ginger Snaps

When it comes to the quantity of menstrual horror out there, let’s just say the field is flooded. However, when it comes to finding quality? All dried up. Thank goodness for this indie gem, a feminist body horror parable similar to the likes of Teeth or the Danish nightmare When Animals Dream. From director John Fawcett and writer Karen Walton, Ginger Snaps stars a pair of outcast teenage sisters, one of whom gets bitten by a werewolf. As Ginger’s body changes, her primal instincts are unleashed, and genre fans are treated to visceral imagery that modernizes an overdone trope.