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The Best Horror Movies Streaming on Shudder This Month

In an ocean full of terror, these are the greatest scares.

best horror movies streaming on shudder this month
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While Netflix and Hulu may be the biggest names in streaming, Shudder has filled a magnificent niche by offering horror content exclusively. There are tons of great films, from old classics to forgotten wonders to brand new original stories. But with such a dense catalogue filled with endless terror, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Luckily, we've pored through the offerings to pick the very best for your viewing pleasure. Here are three films on Shudder this month you won't want to miss.

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Goodnight Mommy

This Austrian film follows two twin boys’ growing suspicions that their mother—returned home swathed in bandages—has been replaced by someone else. Directors Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz rely on the dynamics of a real condition (known as Capgras or imposter syndrome) to lure viewers into a perfectly sustained, anxiety-induced state of fear through the film’s final revelations. 

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The Sadness

In this new Shudder original, a virus that began with benign symptoms has spontaneously mutated into a mind-altering plague. Violence sweeps across the streets as the infected are driven to the height of cruelty—murder, torture, rape, and mutilation. In the midst of a ravaged city, a young couple struggles through the sadistic chaos to reunite.


A cult classic from the 80s, this film follows student Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) in his quest to bring the dead back to life. After reviving a former professor went terribly wrong, Herbert is enrolled at a new school. With the determined belief he's on the brink of a breakthrough, Herbert sneaks into a morgue and revives a corpse.