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The Best Horror Movies Streaming on Netflix This Month

Fill your May with top-shelf terror.

the best horror movies on netflix this month
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With a streaming service like Netflix, there's no shortage of films to watch across any genre. But that doesn't always mean they're good. Instead of scrolling through the home screen for hours hoping to catch a lucky break, put some trust in the experts. While you wait for Stranger Things to drop on the 27th, we at The Lineup have plucked the best horror movies on Netflix this month.

Corpse Bride

For some family-friendly horror, check out Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. After a nervous groom, Victor (Johnny Depp), accidentally delivers his wedding vows to a deceased bride, Emily (Helena Bonham Carter), he finds himself in a marriage with the corpse. Emily drags Victor to the underworld, and Victor is determined to find his way back to his true and living love, Victoria (Emily Watson). However, as Victor struggles to reunite with his love, there may be a nefarious threat to his happiness in the land of the living, too.

War of the Worlds

This 2005 adaptation of H.G. Well's novel of the same name is a stunning work of science fiction horror. Divorced dockworker Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise) has custody of his kids Rachel (Dakota Fanning) and Robbie (Justin Chatwin) on the weekends. When an alien invasion strikes during his latest visitation, he must guide his strained family through a terrifying, deadly ordeal. On his journey to flee New York for Boston, it's not just the alien threat that pose as an obstacle, but the horrors of mankind.


Yes, Raw is just as disturbing as you’ve heard. Blood, gore, cannibalism, and messed-up parties alike populate this coming-of-age/horror extravaganza. When Justine (Garance Marillier) goes off to college, she begins to challenge the ideals of her youth, like her vegetarianism. She does go… a bit further than most youth.

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Till Death

Emma (Megan Fox) is stuck in a withered marriage to her wealthy husband, Mark (Eoin Macken). For their 11th anniversary, Mark takes her for a romantic getaway at their secluded lake house—but things don't take a turn for the better. The next morning, Emma finds herself chained to Mark's dead body, a heavy obstacle on her race to avoid to killers tracking her through the frigid winter.