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Michelle Sigona

From College Senior to Cold Case: Who Killed Tammy Zywicki?

On August 23, 1992, Grinnell College senior Tammy Zywicki departed from the Chicago suburb of Evanston toward Grinnell's Iowa campus. She was never seen alive again.

Who Killed Tammy Jo Alexander More Than 30 Years Ago?

She was only 16 years old when she was murdered and dumped in a cornfield.

5 Bizarrely Nicknamed Bandits Wanted by the FBI

Just pray you never come face to face with the Bad Breath Bandit.

New Evidence In Missing Mom Beverly England Cold Case Could Point to Deadly Affair

For 36 years Beverly England's killer has roamed free. Now police say they finally have a suspect in her murder.

Bones Found Buried Under School May Belong to 16th Century Pirate

The condition of the bones suggest his body was strung up to scare off other criminals...