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New Evidence In Missing Mom Beverly England Cold Case Could Point to Deadly Affair

For 36 years Beverly England's killer has roamed free. Now police say they finally have a suspect in her murder.


Investigators in Colorado claim they might finally know who is responsible for the death of a woman 36 years ago.

Fox 31 reports that this is one of Salida’s oldest mysteries, and the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office may finally have some answers as to what happened to this missing mom.

Sheriff John Spezze told the news station, “I’d say we’re very confident we know what happened and we’re very confident we know who did it.” Although the Sheriff may know who is responsible, no one has been arrested yet and no other details about the alleged killer have been revealed.

It was June 1980 when 32-year-old Beverly England, a married mom of two, left her kids with a friend at Alpine Park, saying she needed to go meet another woman for unknown reasons.

It wasn’t until later that same day, on June 12, when Beverly’s husband said he found his wife’s vehicle at Riverside Park. Beverly’s shoes and purse were still inside, but she was nowhere to be found.

For years no one knew what happened to Beverly. Her disappearance understandably devastated her children, Bricia and Cayl. It wasn’t until last October that investigators in the area reportedly released a joint news release about remains that were found—way back in 1992. DNA from those remains had finally identified the body as Beverly England. The report says a scrap metal collector discovered the remains in 1992, but at the time, a pathologist wrongfully said the remains were from a pioneer-era woman (!), and the bones sat on a shelf for 23 years.

Cayl England and Bricia Pattertson, Beverly’s children, were very young—5 and 8 years old—at the time of their mother’s disappearance. Cayl England said to Fox 31, “There’s talk about an affair and that they were meeting each other to discuss it.” Beverly England, according to her children, was accused of having an affair with another woman’s husband.

According to Fox 31, the sheriff’s office will only say that they have a person of interest, and that an alleged affair may have been the murder motive. The report also says that Dale England, Beverly’s husband, has been officially cleared as a suspect.

Beverly’s manner and cause of death have still not been revealed.


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This article was first published on Crime Feed.

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Photo: Crime Feed / Mountain Mail