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21 Chilling True Crime Book Excerpts That Will Haunt You for Days

Get the chills. 


Mother’s Day, by Dennis McDougal

mother's day by dennis mcdougal

Read an excerpt of Mother’s Day here.

A Death in California, by Joan Barthel

true crime book excerpts death in california

Read an excerpt of A Death in California here.

The Michigan Murders, by Edward Keyes

true crime book excerpts michigan murders

Read an excerpt of The Michigan Murders here.

Blood Echoes, by Thomas H. Cook

true crime book excerpts blood echoes

Read an excerpt of Blood Echoes here.

The Professor and the Prostitute, by Linda Wolfe


Read an excerpt of The Professor and the Prostitute here.

Evil Angels, by John Bryson

true crime book excerpts evil angels

Read an excerpt of Evil Angels here.

Brady and Hindley, by Fred Harrison

true crime book excerpts brady and hindley

Read an excerpt of Brady and Hindley here.

Richie, by Thomas Thompson

true crime book excerpts richie

Read an excerpt of Richie here.

Needle Work, by Fred Rosen

true crime book excerpts needle work

Read an excerpt of Needle Work here.

Deadly Greed, by Joe Sharkey

true crime book excerpts deadly greed

Read an excerpt of Deadly Greed here.

To Kill and Kill Again, by John Coston

true crime book excerpts to kill and kill again

Read an excerpt of To Kill and Kill Again here.

Forever and Five Days, by Lowell Cauffiel

true crime excerpts forever and five days

Read an excerpt of Forever and Five Days here.

A Dark and Bloody Ground, by Darcy O’Brien

true crime book excerpts dark and bloody ground

Read an excerpt of A Dark and Bloody Ground here.

Who Killed My Daughter?, by Lois Duncan

true crime excerpts who killed my daughter

Read an excerpt of Who Killed My Daughter? here.

Thirty-Eight Witnesses, by A.M. Rosenthal

thirty eight witnesses true crime documentaries

Read an excerpt of Thirty-Eight Witnesses here.

The Killing of Karen Silkwood, by Richard Rashke

true crime book excerpts karen silkwood

Read an excerpt of The Killing of Karen Silkwood here.

Nutcracker, by Shana Alexander

true crime excerpts nutcracker

Read an excerpt of Nutcracker here.

The Wrong Man, by James Neff

true crime book excerpts wrong man

Read an excerpt of The Wrong Man here.

Death Sentence, by Joe Sharkey

true crime book excerpts death sentence

Read an excerpt of Death Sentence here.

Butcher, Baker, by Walter Gilmour and Leland E. Hale

true crime book excerpts butcher baker

Read an excerpt of Butcher, Baker here .

Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders, by Greg King

sharon tate manson murders california murders

Read an excerpt of Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders here.