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Weird Pervs Throughout History

Bizarre fetishes and baffling offenders.

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Throughout history, there have been several bizarre and outright weird perverts who have made people question a stranger in a trench coat, an ice cream truck, and even a porta-potty. From peeping toms all the way to tech savvy hotel managers, the world is full of perverse individuals who make life a little more uncomfortable than desired. These aren’t your ordinary public service announcements—these people are the weirdest perverts who’ve walked the streets with a twisted and illegal need for sexual gratification through nonconsensual exposure.

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In 2014, Christopher Pagano pled guilty to flashing numerous women in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While this behavior may seem utterly bizarre in itself, it isn’t what makes this case so weird. When Pagano drove around the city, his genitals were entirely exposed and he always carried several slices of cheese. He would call women over to his vehicle, expose himself to them, and ask if they would participate in sex acts with him and slices of cheese.

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Luckily, some of his victims were able to capture the incident on camera, which assisted in his conviction. These videos and pictures have become some of the most comical and bizarre documentation of a flasher in history. Pagano was dubbed the “Swiss Cheese Pervert,” for obvious reasons, and was sentenced to eight years of probation. Before he began his sentence, he cleared the air by assuring people that he did not eat the cheese he used to masturbate. And he never used mozzarella, because that’s the only cheese he does like to eat. 

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Luke Chrisco was sentenced to three years in prison and ten years of probation for hiding in porta-potties and watching women use the restroom in 2013. He committed his crimes in Boulder, Colorado, primarily at yoga festivals. Prior to his conviction in 2013, he was reported for hiding in the tank of a porta-potty in 2011. After a woman had gone to use the restroom, she noticed someone moving below her. He was covered in feces and fled the scene only to be arrested shortly after. 

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Following his conviction in 2013, he was briefly released, but violated the terms of his probation. Chrisco did not take his medication and refused to keep up with his sex offender treatment implemented in hopes of rehabilitating him. In 2015, he returned to court and received the maximum six-year sentence for the violation. Peeping predators come in all different forms, but none as bizarre as Chrisco. There are layers to the “Porta-Potty Peeper” and his desire to watch women use the restroom, as well as get covered in excrement.

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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In 2016, the “Nipple Man” of Kyoto, Japan was finally arrested by police. Toshihiro Fujikuma was charged with suspicion of indecent exposure of his genitals to two teenage girls. While this was the final straw, Fujikuma was notorious for fondling his nipples while staring at people. In photos taken of the man, he can be seen wearing a thin white t-shirt and a cardigan that is pulled towards both armpits as he touches his nipples. While this act isn’t necessarily illegal, it is rather concerning. His blank stare and the inexplicable gratification he achieved by touching his nipples in front of strangers made him a well-known pervert in Japan.

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Due to the fact that his actions weren’t illegal, his nipple fondling became a major concern in the city of Kyoto. Fujikuma was deemed harmless, but unsettling. He didn’t attempt to lure or coerce women with the intent of performing sex acts with him. All he ever did was touch his nipples, until the day he exposed himself to the minors. After waiting for a reason to finally arrest Fujikuma, his indecent exposure was the opportune moment to finally take the “Nipple Man” off of the streets of Kyoto. 

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While the weird perverts roam the streets, the “Pervert Hunter” takes matters into his own hand. Daisuke Nohara of Tokyo, Japan noticed a man taking an up-skirt photo of a woman. He immediately pursued the pervert and cornered him at a nearby park. Nohara instructed the man to give up one million yen as to not be exposed for his vile actions to police. The “Pervert Hunter” had the right idea, avenge the wrongdoings done by perverted men onto women, but he was doing it for selfish reasons. He used the perversion of others for monetary gain. 

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Daisuke Nohara isn’t a weird pervert himself, but he's included amongst these bizarre characters due to how strange his own case is. He utilized perversion to make a profit through extortion. The “Pervert Hunter” could’ve been the masked superhero of Tokyo, Japan, but he was just another villain using other villainous actions to support his own.

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  • Photo Credit: Senad Palic / Unsplash

The “Swiss Cheese Pervert,” the “Porta-Potty Peeper,” and the “Nipple Man” have a few things in common. Their perversions bring them together under one umbrella, but their individual and utterly bizarre public displays of sexual desire make them unique to each other. Christopher Pagano enjoyed the feeling of cheese on his genitals, Luke Chrisco had a kink that went too far, and Toshihiro Fujikuma liked to touch his nipples in public while making eye contact with strangers. Their actions were all sexually charged and inarguably strange, making them the weirdest perverts in history so far. 

Featured photo: Wikimedia Commons