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Most Wanted List: 7 Surprising Facts About Cannibalism

Care to take a bite?


From 1500s Brazil to Colonial America and early Soviet Union, people have been partaking in the illicit – and illegal – act of cannibalism for surprising reasons.

The taboo – not to mention illegal – practice of eating one’s own species has been chronicled in reports from 1500s Brazil to 1930s Soviet Union (pictured above). Along the way, certain morsels of information have been gleaned to decipher why people – and animals – partake in cannibalism. Here are some of those reasons.

Franklin Bradshaw lived a normal, middle-class life in Salt Lake City. But his daughter Frances knew he was hiding millions – and she would kill to get her hands on it. The worst part: Frances decided to make her teenage son commit the crime for her. Read an excerpt from the book here.

While trolling Sarah Koenig’s podcast site recently, we stumbled onto composer Nick Thorburn’s Soundcloud page, containing all the tracks he composed for Serial. Besides being an excellent soundtrack to morning commutes, it plays well while reading about all the updates in Adnan’s case.

Located off the coast of the Bronx in NYC, Hart Island has served as a prison for Confederate soldiers, a women’s asylum, and most prevalently a potter’s field for the metropolis’s unclaimed dead. Inmates from Riker’s Island prison dig the graves and place handmade crosses on the sites.

Ryan Reynolds stars in this black comedy as a bathtub factory worker, who talks to his pets … and hears them talk back. Their little voices obscure a much deeper psychological problem that his new love interest (Anna Kendrick) will have to deal with. The movie is out in limited release now, but you can also stream it on Amazon and iTunes. Also, watch the trailer here.

Bates Motel: Season 3

The trailer for Bates Motel‘s third season dropped a couple days ago, and it made our skin crawl. Poor, confused Norman (Freddie Highmore) from season 1 is gone; Mother (Verga Farmiga) has finally turned him into a monster. Of course it’s more nuanced than that, which is why we can’t wait to watch on March 9.