9 Upcoming Horror Movies We Can't Wait to See in 2018

Get ready, horror fiends.

upcoming horror movies 2018
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Though it might feel like the longest year on record, there’s still plenty of 2018 left, which means more time for murder and mayhem on the silver screen. From reboots of horror empires like Halloween, to Lars von Trier’s typically controversial latest film, to the much buzzed about Hereditary, here are some upcoming horror movies we can’t wait to see in 2018. If we’re still around to see them, of course. 


June 8

This stylized thriller from the producer of The Witch has been one of the most highly anticipated horror flicks of the year. We all inherit certain traits from our parents–some good, some not so good. But can pure, unadulterated evil be inherited? Toni Colette stars as a mother who has just lost her own mother when her daughter starts behaving erratically. The trailer alone made our blood run cold. 

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The First Purge

July 4

The terrifying Purge series continues to milk its concept for all it's worth in this prequel of the events leading up to the first purge. Marisa Tomei stars as the creator of the strange experiment that, as we know, grows a little too big for its britches and wreaks havoc on civilization. The prequel will be set on Staten Island.

Slender Man

August 24

While not a direct retelling the 2014 Slender Man stabbing case that saw two tween Wisconsin girls attack a classmate in the name of the creepypasta character, Slender Man has nevertheless generated serious controversy. The father of one of the young attackers spoke out, saying that capitalizing on the case in any way was "extremely distasteful." However, the film, which tells a fictional tale, seems to focus more on Slender Man as a character and follows a group of girls who take on the eerie creature after one of their own disappears.

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The Nun

September 7

upcoming horror movies 2018
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If you saw The Conjuring 2, you were likely terrified by the menacing demon nun. Now she’s got her own vehicle, starring Taissa Farmiga as a young nun working with a priest to investigate the suspicious suicide of a nun. Taissa’s older sister, Vera Farmiga, plays paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren in both Conjuring films. Though we don’t have a trailer for The Nun yet, the teaser image is the stuff of pure horror.


October 19

upcoming horror movies 2018
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Jamie Lee Curtis’ return as Laurie Strode has horror fans around the world shaking in their boots. Hopefully, a return to an original cast will also mean a return to pure terror. Though the filmmakers have still not released a trailer, according to some lucky people who saw the trailer at CinemaCon, the movie looks terrifying. In this latest addition to the Michael Myers canon, Laurie, now a grandmother, is prepared for the ultimate showdown with Michael, who has escaped from his mental institution yet again. 

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November 2

Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino takes on horror royalty this year with his remake of Dario Argento’s masterpiece, Suspiria. Die-hard horror fans have long been skeptical of this remake, due to the limited information shared about its production. However, now that the trailer is out in the world, excitement is ramping up. In interviews, Guadagnino has called his movie an homage rather than a remake and shared that it would focus on “the uncompromising force of motherhood.” Whatever you want to call it, Suspiria will be a wild ride.

The House That Jack Built


Lars von Trier, the director of Nymphomaniac, Breaking the Waves, Dancer in the Dark, and other equally lighthearted movies, continues his penchant for over-the-top violence in this film that had audience members leaving the theater in disgust at the Cannes Film Festival. Say what you want about von Trier’s movies, they do certainly get a rise out of people. Matt Dillon stars as Jack, a philosophical and prolific serial killer who gets away with everything and anything.



upcoming horror movies 2018
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This mysterious movie doesn’t have a trailer yet, but we do know that it stars Girls’ Christopher Abbott as a new father tempted to kill his newborn baby. To distract himself from his homicidal impulse, he decides to murder a prostitute instead. But she, Jackie, played by Stoker’s Mia Wasikowska, has other ideas. Early reviews have praised the movie’s psychosexual twists and Wasikowska’s performance. We’re intrigued.

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Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell stars as a former cop who finds herself working the morgue after getting clean in this highly anticipated horror movie. Megan (Mitchell) might be hoping for a quiet place for some rest and relaxation, but the arrival of a female cadaver sets off a series of strange events that will force Megan to confront her past. 

Promo still from "The Nun" via New Line Cinema

Published on 5 Jun 2018