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Tarrare: Insatiable, Cannibalistic French Spy 

He ate everything from trash, spoons, eels, snakes—and possibly even human toddlers.

Tarrare, the cannibal who ate bizarre items
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  • Photo Credit: Portrait de Jacques Simon dit Jacques de Falaise., 1820

Tarrare appeared to be undernourished, despite constant 

“Der Völler” by Georg Emanuel Opitz. 1804.
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  • “Der Völler” by Georg Emanuel Opitz. 1804.

    Photo Credit: Georg Emanuel Opitz / Wikimedia Commons

Tarrare’s bizarre diet leads to health complications 

Tarrare works as a French spy 

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  • Jacques de Falaise, often compared to Tarrare. 1820.

    Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Did Tarrare eat humans? 

Tarrare’s disturbing autopsy 

Tarrare’s unusual condition