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Welcome to your hub for the creepiest recommendations, from the latest terrifying Stephen King book and bizarre underrated horror films to the most disturbing unsolved true crime cases and unsettling reports of paranormal activity. If it’s strange, unusual, or downright terrifying—we’ve got you covered.

We’re diehard fans of all things macabre and we love nothing more than sharing our odd obsessions with fellow creepy fiends. Here we unearth forgotten crimes, share true ghost stories, and pride ourselves on giving the best recommendations for terrifying books and movies. Peruse the stories below—you’re sure to find something to satiate your appetite for the uncanny.


Ghost Hunters Find Missing Woman’s Body at Abandoned Hospital

When two paranormal researchers decided to scope out a haunted hospital in Mississippi, they found more than just restless spirits.

Twin Sisters Recall Growing Up in the ‘Children of God’ Cult

They were told they would perish at age 12 as “God’s martyrs.” But Flor and Tamar Edwards are still alive to tell about their creepy childhood.

Adnan Syed Granted New Hearing Based on “Asia McClain Problem”

Serial's Adnan Syed is one step closer to a new day in court after receiving this major break in his case for a retrial.

Conned: Four People Who Fell for Internet Scams

Most people know not everything on the Internet is true – these people learned it the hard way.

Cut It out, Already! 5 Shocking Scissor Crimes

It's hard to keep your eyes open while reading these shocking scissor crimes.

7 Law & Order: SVU Episodes Inspired by Real-Life Crimes

NBC's hit drama may be a work of fiction, but the storylines of these 7 episodes are ripped straight from the headlines.

Dumbest Criminal of 2014

Minnesota thief Nicholas Wig accidentally left photos of himself at two crime scenes in the same day.