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Dumbest Criminal of 2014

Minnesota thief Nicholas Wig accidentally left photos of himself at two crime scenes in the same day.


When James Wood stepped into his St. Paul, Minnesota home, he immediately knew he had been robbed.

His money, credit cards, and watch were missing, and a pile of strange, wet clothes were on the floor. Luckily, something else was different: Facebook was open – and he was signed in as a 26 year-old man named Nicholas Wig.

Wood decided to take matters into his own hands and posted a message as Wig stating that he had just robbed a house. Wood also posted his own phone number, hoping someone would respond with information about the intruder. Later that same day, Wig himself responded.

They agreed to meet on the premise that Wood would give Wig the clothes he left at the house.

As soon as Wood spotted the man from the Facebook profile walking up the street, he called the police. They quickly apprehended Wig, who was wearing the stolen watch.

But little did they realize they had just arrested the man responsible for another theft that day.

Earlier that morning, police had gone out to investigate a hit-and-run between a parked car and a Kia SUV. They eventually found the suspected stolen vehicle abandoned and without license plates.

When they searched it for evidence, they found – you guessed it – a photo of Wig along with discarded clothes.

The cops brought Wig into the station and questioned him about the car. He admitted to staking out a Kia dealership and watching salesmen move the cars around the lot. As soon as one was left with keys in the ignition, he hopped in. He said he heard employees honking at him, but he just took it as permission to drive away.

[via CBS Minnesota and Lillie News]