1. “Hungrily eating her child, she wept.”

2. “Attention all passengers! Please remain calm.”

3. “Such beautiful eyes. I kept them.”

short scary stories eyes
  • Photo Credit: Danielle Moler / Flickr (CC)

4. “Fresh Meat For Sale: Uninfected Child.”

5. “I screamed. My reflection watched, smiling.”

6. “Keep screaming. We’re already inside you.”

short scary stories teddy bear
  • Photo Credit: Justin / Flickr (CC)

7. “My teddy bear had grown teeth.”

8. “I’m still awake. Please notice, Doctor.”

9. “I awoke to them eating me.”

short scary stories faceless men
  • Photo Credit: Casey Muir-Taylor / Flickr (CC)

10. “The faceless men wait patiently outside.”

11. “It knows you can see it.”

12. “We’re sorry. The maggots have spread.”

13. “He looked up, and it smiled.”

14. “All around us … they are waiting.”

15. “Someone’s knocking. On the closet door.”

short scary stories door
  • Photo Credit: Brad Montgomery / Flickr (CC)

16. “Feel them crawl beneath your skin.”

17. “‘What’s for dinner,’ I asked.”

18. “Twenty years passed when I awoke.”

short scary stories operating room
  • Photo Credit: Mike LaCon / Flickr (CC)

19. “Anesthesia wore off during the operation.”

20. “All I heard was it breathing.”

21. “He whispered “choose.” Each one begged.”

short scary stories shadows
  • Photo Credit: tertia van rensburg / Unsplash

22.”Not all the shadows were familiar.”

23. “The only survivor heard horrible laughter.”

24. “He smiled through his rigor mortis.”

25. “Found a pulse, but no head.”

Published on 11 Nov 2016