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10 Scary Stories From Creepy Catalog That Will Give You Nightmares

Not to be read alone. Or in the dark.


1. I Almost Picked Up a Stranger at a Bar, and I’m So Grateful I Changed My Mind

2. Something Terrifying Happened on My Honeymoon (I’m Not Married Anymore)

3. I Always Knew There was Something Off About My Parents, I Just Wish I Was the Only One Who Figured Out the Truth

4. This Is the Terrifying Reason Why I Will Not Babysit Anymore

scary stories creepy catalogue abandoned
  • Photo Credit: Diego Torres Silvestre / Flickr (CC)

5. I Was Roommates With a Serial Killer and I Had No Idea Until a Couple of Days Ago

6. Someone’s Pretending to Be My Wife: The Unsettling Evidence That Has Me Convinced

7. This is Why My Childhood was Spent Suffering From Chronic Audio Hallucinations

8. I’ve Been in the Hospital for Days, But the Doctors Don’t Know What’s Wrong with Me or My Momma

9. I Inherited Lilac House From My Mother, and I’m Positive There’s Something Sinister in the Basement

scary stories creepy catalogue house
  • Photo Credit: Dean McCoy / Flickr (CC)

10. I Never Slept Well at My Grandmother’s Ohio Farm and I Can Finally Tell You the Evil Reason Behind Why