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10 Scary Stories From Creepy Catalog That Will Give You Nightmares

Not to be read alone. Or in the dark.


Here at The Lineup, we’re all about true crime. At the same time, we’re never ones to say no to a spine-tinglingly-scary piece of fiction, whether it’s told around a campfire in the dead of night, or on a computer screen in the middle of the day.

For the best scary fictional stories on the web, look no further than Creepy Catalog. Its dedicated writers have been churning out depraved, mind-bending, and generally terrifying tales of horror that we just can get enough of. Here are 10 of our favorites. P.S. You probably shouldn’t read these alone.

1. I Almost Picked Up a Stranger at a Bar, and I’m So Grateful I Changed My Mind

In this unsettling piece, the narrator has chance encounter at a bar with a beautiful, slightly erratic woman. The chemistry between them is strong, and the woman asks the narrator if he’d like to go back to her place. What happens is, well, unexpected, to say the least. And horrifying. READ MORE

2. Something Terrifying Happened on My Honeymoon (I’m Not Married Anymore)

Two just-married 20-somethings use a Groupon to honeymoon at Niagara Falls. What could possibly go wrong? READ MORE 

3. I Always Knew There was Something Off About My Parents, I Just Wish I Was the Only One Who Figured Out the Truth

Gabby always knew her parents were different. Between keeping her completely sheltered from the outside world, to fostering many children at a time, Gabby’s mom and dad might have been eccentric, but they were committed to protecting her and helping others. At least, that’s what Gabby thought. READ MORE

4. This Is the Terrifying Reason Why I Will Not Babysit Anymore

scary stories creepy catalogue abandoned
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  • Photo Credit: Diego Torres Silvestre / Flickr (CC)

Babysitting was easy enough for James: plug the kids into some video games, give them a bunch of candy, and zone out. That all changed when he pulled up to the Whitley home, and met the three eerie sisters who lived there. READ MORE 

5. I Was Roommates With a Serial Killer and I Had No Idea Until a Couple of Days Ago

Dom’s roommate Jim seemed like such a nice guy… READ MORE 

6. Someone’s Pretending to Be My Wife: The Unsettling Evidence That Has Me Convinced

It started with the eerie smiles. Then it progressed to her watching him in his sleep. Eventually, the narrator is convinced that his wife, Susan, is an imposter, when she doesn’t know their own daughter’s name. Susan is a twin, which might provide a possible explanation for the imposter. The only problem is that her twin died at birth. READ MORE 

7. This is Why My Childhood was Spent Suffering From Chronic Audio Hallucinations

The narrator in this chilling piece spent his entire childhood suffering from audio hallucinations. Every night, as he tried to fall asleep, he’d hear the screaming of imaginary men, women, and children in his ears. As an adult, a revelation leads him to wonder just how “imaginary” those screams really were. READ MORE

8. I’ve Been in the Hospital for Days, But the Doctors Don’t Know What’s Wrong with Me or My Momma

What, exactly, is making the little protagonist in this tale, as well as her mother, so ill? And—strangest of all— why won’t her hands stop shaking? READ MORE

9. I Inherited Lilac House From My Mother, and I’m Positive There’s Something Sinister in the Basement

scary stories creepy catalogue house
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  • Photo Credit: Dean McCoy / Flickr (CC)

When the narrator inherits Lilac House from her deceased mother, she’s determined to fulfill her mother’s dying wish, by having the place torn down. First, though, she decides to inspect the property. What could be so sinister about a house covered in lilacs? Well, as it turns out, a lot. READ MORE

10. I Never Slept Well at My Grandmother’s Ohio Farm and I Can Finally Tell You the Evil Reason Behind Why

A teen boy experiencing night terrors that feel just a bit too real, a sinister pig farmer and a sprawling, Midwestern landscape make this horrifying tale one you can’t miss. Just make sure to lock your windows… READ MORE 

Feature photo: Kim.Deslandes / Flickr (CC)