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7 Creepy Haunted Dolls You Can Actually Buy on eBay

Buyer beware...


Who figured eBay would become a popular stop for people looking to buy haunted dolls? 

It turns out that eBay, which actually has an entire section dedicated to paranormal and psychic offerings, is your one-stop shop for creepy figurines that allegedly contain the spirits of lost souls.

Some sellers say their dolls are so haunted and active that they have caused sleepless nights. Others note the positive otherworldly presence of their dolls and want to give the figurine a loving home. 

Either way, these sellers want to sell you their dolls. So if welcoming a haunted entity into your home is what you're after, we’ve selected seven of the eeriest eBay haunted dolls you can actually buy on eBay. But act fast—all seven dolls are set to BUY IT NOW. Once they're gone, they're gone!

1. “Haunted Porcelain Doll Spirit Dollbaby Barbara Very Active Helps Battered Women”

haunted dolls ebay

“Meet Barbara! Barbara is a very very active spirit. When I am not around apparently she gets all of my other spirit babies to interact. I have been told that they have group meetings and communicate about everything. I still have not witnessed this but have been told by my babies. 

Barbara wants every spirit and person to communicate. She was 29 when she was killed. Barbara was a social worker who helped battered women. She was killed during a meeting with the women she was helping. All 12 died that day.” 

2. “Active Metaphysical Spirits Porcelain Psychic Haunted Paranormal Spirit Doll”

haunted dolls ebay

“I’d like to introduce you to Charisma. Charisma is a gorgeous soul, inside and out. Charisma is here to help you ascend into higher consciousness. She will impart vital information to you during dreamtime. This information is intended to help heal, heighten your creative abilities and assist in your personal development.

Listen closely to her messages, Charisma is a very wise and perceptive soul. Her telepathic powers tend to intensify the longer you are in possession of her. As time goes on you’ll become increasingly aware of her presence ... You may see an unexpected blue flash of light out of the corner of one eye, or you may see a sphere of spiritual energy, commonly called an 'orb.'

This sensation may initially surprise you, it’s simply confirmation that Charisma is by your side, helping you develop your abilities as you strive to reach a higher state of consciousness.”

3. “Haunted Doll ‘Veronica’ Spirit Vessel Haunted Object Active Paranormal Oddity”

haunted dolls ebay

“Since Veronica has stayed at my house it's been kinda spooky. I hear screams and crying. I have seen so many shadows. I also came home one night to 20-30 black spiders in my kitchen!! No joke the big ones ! I have heard waking in the hall & attic! I'm not getting sleep. My child sleeps w me right now. I don't feel she is bad but more lost or re living her past ? There is a strange smell that comes of her also. I feel watched and not alone in the house. She is most active at night. I have had my door slammed & Seen many orbs!

Veronica was murdered at age 16. She walked home after a heated conversation with her boyfriend on prom night. She has told me a man killed her. She died in 1954.

Please have a big heart & be genuine. These are my experiences and the owners history. I can't assure you that the same will and or will not happen. Please use sage and make a circle before communicating w the other side.”

4. “Haunted Doll / Vessel KATIE ANNE *Active*”

haunted dolls ebay

“Katie Anne shows active energy by giving off cold spots wherever she's placed, and at times, I've seen her eyes turn in to a beautiful light amber color. She is especially active when it's raining and thundering outside, and she has been able to communicate with me (as well as her my friend, her previous owner) during those times telepathically.

She shows a lot of activity with EVP sessions and automatic writing, tarot cards, and oracle cards regardless of the weather.

I often ask her a direct question and quite easily, she comes through. Usually a nice slow breeze accompanies her, showing me she's ready to relate to me whatever I ask.

This past little while, she has expressed to me that although she much enjoys our time together, our path should now come to a close as she has the strong desire to help others who may need her.”

5. “Haunted antique porcelain doll - missing eyes - spirit portal that watches”

haunted dolls ebay

“This doll is one that I acquired many years ago (1998, I believe). She was originally given to my mother and was kept in our house for special keeping. She is a very "creepy" doll due to the fact that she is missing her eyes. At first my mother thought that this was just a coincidence due to lack of care, but she soon realized that there was a lot more to this doll than just her creepy look. While her eyes are missing, she does still have one in her head rattling around. We didn't think much of it at first and tried several times to remove the stray eyeball from her head just so that there wouldn't be something rattling around. There were many attempts, but we couldn't remove the eye inside. This wasn't a problem until we started noticing the eye randomly sticking into normal place, despite the fact that she was sitting upright. Some mornings/late at night, we would find her with one single eye in place. There were a few times when the eye was in place and I would tap it to see if it was stuck, and it wouldn't budge. However, other times we would wake up and the doll would be "normal" with both eyes missing, and the loose eye would be floating around inside the head. I have never been able to capture her on camera with her one eyeball in place, but perhaps someone with more experience or a better aura would be able to capture it. Both myself, my mother and a medium friend have tried to make contact with this doll. We feel as though we have figured out her name, but aren't 100% certain.”  

6. “Haunted Doll. Paranormal. Supernatural. Pamela”

haunted dolls ebay

“This spirited vessel holds the spirits of a girl of age around 12-14 named Pamela. We did Psychic reading and Mediumship reading using trance, automatic writing and pendulum and she had answers to many of our questions. She is sometimes like a tomboy girl and likes company or family where there is male energy present as she connects a lot to it. we found out she was very close to her brother before she passed. She lived in the Victorian time and was living in a house which was haunted, she started making spirit friends in the house and we suspect that's how she had decided to stay attached to this vessel instead of moving to the other side. The spirit of her brother sometimes visits, and we've seen a human shadow of a thin boy around her and noises that sound like a conversation between a boy and a girl. 

She seems to be very active and manifest in many forms. We have seen sparks, orbs, lights, experienced electrical malfunctions sometimes, and found objects in different places, etc. When she arrived here she was shy at first but the moment she started making friends with other spirit dolls she started feeling more confident and at home.”

7. “Active Metaphysical Spirits Porcelain Psychic Haunted Paranormal Spirit Doll”

haunted dolls ebay

“This vessel carries the spirit of Christine. Since coming in contact with her, I have noticed some very odd and truth be told, outright bizarre occurrences. Among the most unusual is that of missing time. 

Generally, it takes me approximately 30 minutes to commute to work each night, but according to my watch, as well as my employer's time clock, it's taken me an hour and a half. This has been taking place every night during the last week. Thankfully, I have a very understanding boss and I've been able to keep my job.  

Sensing that Christine was somehow connected to the missing time I conducted an EVP session. After playing back my recording, I noticed that she was quite active and had a lot to say. Among the questions I asked her were "What is your name?" and "Are you responsible for the missing time?" 

Upon playing back the recording I clearly heard a female voice say "Christine." I also picked up a female voice distinctly stating "Isn't it obvious?" This was in response to the question I asked about her being responsible for the missing time. I have to admit, hearing this sent chills down my spine. I believe my bout of missing time is directly linked to Christine.” 

Featured photo: r. nial bradshaw / Flickr (CC)