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Nightmare Fuel: A Serial Killer Stalks One Man’s Dreams

A murderer once thought to be dead is very much alive in this thriller. 

The Four Monkey Killer is still on the loose. 

Known as the 4MK, the lead investigator tasked with catching him—Detective Sam Porter—thought the murderer terrorizing Chicago was dead. But no such relief has come. In The Fourth Monkey, the first book in this thrilling series, Porter was not only stabbed by the 4MK…but also let him get away. Four months later, still grieving over the death of his wife, Porter hasn’t given up his hunt for the 4MK—who they now know to be Anson Bishop.

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the fifth to die excerpt
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But just because Porter’s back on the job doesn’t mean he’s back on the case. Pulled from the hunt for Bishop by the feds, he has something else to focus on: The body of missing girl Ella Reynolds has just been found beneath frozen waters…waters that have been frozen for months. But Ella has only been missing for three weeks. Even stranger, she’s wearing the clothes of a girl who’s only been missing for two days. 

As his partners Clair and Nash try and sort out the murders, Porter secretly continues his search for Bishop—hoping to put the 4MK to rest once and for all. He decides to track down Bishop’s mother, thinking this is the best way to find the murderer himself. But when he’s caught investigating a case from which he was strictly banned, he’s suspended. Not giving up on his obsession, his search takes him to the streets of New Orleans…and straight into the dark and depraved mind of a serial killer. 

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In the following excerpt, Bishop continues to haunt Porter’s dreams…only, he doesn’t know it yet. Both thrilling and disturbing, this book will haunt your nightmares, too. 

Click here for an excerpt from The Fifth to Die, and then download the book. 

The Fifth to Die

By J.D. Barker

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Featured photo: Erik Witsoe / Unsplash 

Created on 10 Jul 2018

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