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Fearsome Newcomers: 6 Up-and-Coming Women Horror Authors to Put on Your TBR

The future of horror is female.

new women authors in horror

We’re already getting close to the halfway mark of Women in Horror Month, but there are still plenty of amazing female writers in the genre to celebrate. So let’s shine a spotlight on those incredible authors who are the major up-and-coming voices in horror. 

Full disclosure, though: some of these names have been in the genre for a while now, so calling them “newcomers” might not be entirely apt. But what’s for sure is their stars in horror fiction are seriously rising in a big way, so put their work on your reading list immediately. 

Candace Nola



By Candace Nola

Located in the Pittsburgh area, Candace Nola is a fantastic horror author, editor, and reviewer. A Splatterpunk Award winner, her books include Bishop, Baker’s Dozen, Hank Flynn, and more, and she’s also written numerous short stories and horror poetry. Truly, Candace can do it all, and when it comes to people working in the horror genre today, she’s absolutely one of the best. Seek out Candace Nola’s work as soon as possible; if you’re a devoted horror fan like me, then you won’t be disappointed. 

Paula Ashe

we are here to hurt each other

We Are Here to Hurt Each Other

By Paula D. Ashe

Paula Ashe is a major rising star in the horror genre, which means if you aren’t reading her work already, then you’re seriously missing out. Her short fiction has been appearing in anthologies for a few years now, and she’s always garnering positive reviews for her unique brand of horror writing.

Her collection, We Are Here to Hurt Each Other, was released through Nictitating Books last year and is now a Bram Stoker Award nominee. When she’s not writing fiction, she serves as an Associate Editor at the fabulous Vastarien. Without a doubt, Paula is rapidly establishing herself as an unmistakable voice in horror, which means you need her writing in your life. 

Holly Rae Garcia

come join the murder

Come Join the Murder

By Holly Rae Garcia

Holly Rae Garcia is an author and photographer located in Texas, and her name keeps popping up everywhere I go in the horror community. And for good reason. She’s the author of multiple novels, including Come Join the Murder and Parachute, as well as plenty of short fiction. Her most recent story was released this month in the American Cannibal anthology edited by the awesome Rebecca Rowland and featuring lots of other women in horror (including Candace Nola as well as yours truly). Holly Rae Garcia’s work is rapidly become a staple of the genre, so do yourself a favor and pick up any of her writing today. 

Amanda Desiree



By Amanda Desiree

I first met author Amanda Desiree on a classic horror panel at StokerCon in Providence back in 2018, and from that moment on, I’ve had no doubt of her complete love and devotion for the genre. I had the pleasure of blurbing her book, Smithy, back in 2021, and it remains one of the best debut horror novels from the last decade. Amanda’s love of horror also shines through in her regular film reviews on Facebook, which are by far some of my favorite social media content. Whatever Amanda Desiree writes next, you can be sure that I’ll be the first in line to read it, and you should be too. 

L. Marie Wood

Telecommuting by L. Marie Wood


By L. Marie Wood

L. Marie Wood is a name you need to know. She’s a prolific fiction author and screenwriter, and her effervescent presence and huge wealth of knowledge and experience in writing and in horror are rapidly making her a mainstay of the genre. If you follow her online, you already know she’s constantly winning and being nominated for awards for her writing, and rightfully so. Her voice is vital and inimitable, with her books including Telecommuting, Crescendo, and The Promise Keeper, among others.

As of last month, she’s also now a two-time Bram Stoker Award nominee, both in the Short Non-Fiction category, so needless to say, she’s just getting started. 

Gaby Triana

Moon Child

Moon Child

By Gaby Triana

It’s hard to know where to start when talking about Gaby Triana, because she is truly doing everything in the horror genre all the time—and she’s doing it all so well. A creative force of nature, she’s constantly releasing new books and new short stories, and her work is consistently top-notch. Wake the Hollow, River of Ghosts, and Moon Child are just a few of her remarkable novels. So while Gaby is certainly no newcomer, her star is continually rising, so that’s why she’s made this list.

Case in point: last year, she released her first book as a professional horror editor, and already her Literally Dead anthology series is off to a fantastic start with lots of positive reviews and a second installment in the works for later this year. No doubt there are incredible things to come for Gaby Triana, so buy any of her books today, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.