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4 Terrifying New Releases from Indie and Small Presses in February 2024

These horror reads will make your heart flutter.

indie and small press releases february 2024
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Feel like falling in love this February? How about making a date with a hot new horror book. But not just any horror book—no, we at The Lineup are after the best and darkest reads around. And to us, that spells indie horror loud and clear.

Looking for some pink horror fun? A modern Gothic take on a classic? We've got all that and more coming your way this month. Here are four of our most anticipated horror books hitting indie and small presses this February!

in the valley of the headless men

In the Valley of the Headless Men

By L.P. Hernandez

One of the last genuinely wild places on the earth, Nahanni National Park can only be accessed by plane—weather permitting. There's no better place for the estranged Joseph and Oscar to reconnect after their mother's death. The brothers set out for a grand adventure, with Joseph's first love, Gillian, tagging along.

But this park isn't just a scenic wonder. It's full of dark and mysteries legends of giants and ancient beasts. And one can't forget the large amount of violent deaths that have lent themselves to the park's less charming name…

As the three grasp onto their hopes for the future, the past rears its ugly head.

This book is now available for pre-order, and will be released on February 14th by Cemetery Gates Media!



By Stephanie Sanders-Jacob

Harriet's fresh new start in Bentwood isn't what she thought it would be. Her rental is definitely haunted, and her neighbor Lucy won't leave her alone for anything. She's about to go out of her mind—until she meets the breathtaking Kelsey at the farmer's market. Now Harriet has a consuming new distraction: the town's multi-level marketing scheme, Serenitea.

The mysterious women peddling this wellness product seem to be perfect from their hair down to their toes. Harriet can't seem to resist their thrall—or their tea. As she hops on the bandwagon, she starts receiving peculiar emails about “new descendants.” She can't be bothered by this, or by Lucy's wild claims the MLM women are vampires—because the tea makes her feel so at peace.

But one second Lucy is joining the pyramid scheme, and the next she's vanished. Now Harriet's world is fraying at the seams, and she's not sure what to believe…

This book is now available for pre-order, and will be released on February 15th by Slashic Horror Press!



By Tim McGregor

Orkney Islands, 1797. Agnes Tulloch is not living the charmed life her husband promised she would be. With four children under her belt, she struggles to keep her family afloat as her husband grows more and more distant. But things change when a stranger takes up residence in an abandoned cottage.

This wealthy foreigner piques Agnes's curiosity. But soon her fascination gives way to annoyance as her husband hires her out to this man as a cook and washerwoman. The mercurial scientist works around the clock on a mysterious project, yet Agnes can't help but be endeared to his dark and brooding sensibilities.

But who is this exiled aristocrat that has come to Eynhallow to send Agnes's heart aflutter? None other than Frankenstein, determined to bring a monstrous obligation to fruition.

This book is now available for pre-order, and will be released on February 22nd by Raw Dog Screaming Press!



By Chloe Spencer

Toxic romance? Check. Body horror? Check. A quick, addicting read? Check and check!

This novella follows Vixen, who would give anything—her soul included—to be a part of the exclusive LA influencer co-op the Bleach Babes. The women are dripping with beauty, talent, and most importantly, popularity. And supermodel Margo may be the sexiest of them all. Though she's not without her sinister side…

Margo is magnanimous to not only take Vix under her wing, but to take her to bed. Success comes quickly after Vixen moves in, but her newfound fame comes at a steep price.

This book is now available for pre-order, and will be released on February 27th by Shortwave Publishing!

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Featured image: Jason Leung/Unsplash