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4 Terrifying New Releases from Indie and Small Presses in April 2024

Let fresh horrors rain down over you this month.

The book covers of "Cranberry Cove" by Hailey Piper, "The Count" by David-Jack Fletcher, "The Day of the Door" by Laurel Hightower, and "The Redemption of Morgan Bright" by Chris Panatier
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  • Photo Credit: Joe Woods/Unsplash

With April showers keeping the skies gloomy, the atmosphere is ripe and ready for an eerie horror read. While the old classics are always nice, why not take the opportunity to broaden your horizons with something new? The dark world of indie horror is waiting for you.

On the look out for a criminally good rumination on gender? Maybe you're hungry for blood? We're ticking all the boxes for you this month. Here are four of our most anticipated horror books from indie and small presses this April!

Cranberry Cove

Cranberry Cove

By Hailey Piper

This supernatural crime novella will leave you feeling unsettled for days. The derelict Cranberry Cove hotel is the site of something awful. For decades, the hotel has kept every foolish traveler who has ventured inside.

After the son of a criminal kingpin is assaulted, enforcer Emberly Hale makes the dangerous journey into the heart of the cannibalistic Cranberry Cove—and through her own past—to uncover the horrific truth.

This book is available now from Bad Hand Books!

The Count

The Count

By David-Jack Fletcher

Sam's ex-boyfriend has been brutally murdered, and he has no alibi. Worse, he has no recollection of what he was doing at the time.

All he knows is that his new home is oddly comfortable, and there's a clock incessantly ticking, and he can't find it anywhere. There's also the bloody knife he woke up with the morning after the murder…

Now, as guilt tears him to shreds, the constant ticking consumes him in tandem with a growing desire to drink the blood of corpses. Mysterious GPS pings guide him to dead bodies, and the rotting odor calls to his hungry stomach.

As his bloodlust grows more and more uncontrollable, the haunting clock urges him to take what he wants from his loved ones. But just how far will he go for satisfaction?

This book is now available for pre-order, and will be released on April 15th by Slashic Horror!

The Day of the Door

The Day of the Door

By Laurel Hightower

The four Lasco siblings stick together through everything the unforgiving world can throw at them. But their unbreakable bond and their childhoods are are shattered when the eldest brother, Shawn, is dragged behind closed doors to a violent end.

The official reports cite an accidental death, but Nathan Lasco knows the truth. He knows he will never forgive his mother.

20 years later, the Lasco matriarch has promised to come clean about what happened on The Day of the Door. With a paranormal investigative team in tow, the Lascos reunite once more for the truth. None of them are prepared for what's waiting for them.

This book is now available for pre-order, and will be released on April 23rd by Ghoulish Books!

The Redemption of Morgan Bright

The Redemption of Morgan Bright

By Chris Panatier

Hadleigh Keene went to Hollyhock Asylum, only to die on the road leading away from it. Her sister Morgan is wracked with guilt, blaming herself for the unsolved death.

When no answers turn up after a year, Morgan crafts a fake identity to commit herself to the asylum. She becomes disturbed housewife Charlotte Turner, and she takes the biggest risk of her life.

Once inside Hollyhock, it's immediately clear that something is amiss. The hospital runs on strange routines, and Morgan soon begins to experience peculiar episodes she's never struggled with before.

With each passing day, Charlotte becomes more real, and Morgan starts to fade away. Desperate for the truth, Morgan traces Hadleigh's footsteps into the unknown.

This book is now available for pre-order, and will be released on April 23rd by Angry Robot Books!

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Featured image: Joe Woods/Unsplash