19 Real, Scary Ghost Stories That Will Haunt Your Dreams

    These stories will leave you too terrified to close your eyes.

    So you think you’ve seen or heard it all. The really scary ghost stories: At this point, nothing can scare you. We beg to disagree.

    To prove there’s still a wealth of fresh, scary stories, we asked our dear readers and the good people at Reddit to share their scariest ghost stories. Planning on getting a good night’s sleep tonight? Think again. These 19 real horror stories will have you questioning that bump you hear in the night. 

    1. Three Knocks in the Dead of Night

    So something strange just happened to me and my grandma. We stayed up ‘til just before 4am tonight watching The Walking Dead. She’s never seen it before, so we’ve been binging until really late so she’ll be caught up for the new season. After we turned the tv and all the lights off, she went to her room and I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I was almost done when I heard 3 light knocks right behind me. Now our bathroom is connected to the master bedroom—my grandparents room.

    I heard the knocks on that door, and assumed it was my grandma coming into the bathroom, just checking if I was in there. I said “Yeah?” but got no response. So I exited, and went to the living room to let my dog out to potty. She then comes out of her room and asks what I wanted.. Confused, I asked what she meant. She said she heard me knock. I said “..no, I heard YOU knock, I thought you wanted to get into the bathroom.”

    She just looked at me. Turns out we both heard 3 quiet, distinct knocks. I heard it on the door to her room, behind me, and she heard it on her bedroom door, which leads to the hallway. We searched the house to make sure no one broke in, but found nothing. Does anyone know what this could have been? The knocks came at around 4:10 am. She has a deceased son and a son that is missing for almost a year now. Could this be one of them reaching out? Or a death in the family? The only child she has left is my father, and I’m terrified that we may lose him. I also have a very old aunt and uncle, so I’m dreading hearing the phone ring in the coming days.


    2. The Shoe in the Riverbed

    This happened a few years ago. I had been through a tough divorce from my highschool sweetheart, and my best friend (let's call him Al) distracted me by going on random road trips with me. One morning, we decided to just jump in my car and drive to Carlsbad, New Mexico. At this point in my life, I always had a digital camera with me. I liked to take pictures at random, thinking of myself an amateur photographer. Along the way we stopped at a small roadside gas station/souvenir stand and picked up some cherry cider.

    When we got to Carlsbad we saw that they had dammed off a small local river and pumped it so they could work on the bridges. We found a spot at a park nearby and parked. Drinking the cider and snacking on some treats we bought before, we decided to explore the dried river bed. We weren't the first to decide this as there were obviously footprints everywhere. There were people's foot prints dog's and cat's footprints, and even what looked like javelina tracks.

    Then I started to feel an odd sensation like we were being watched. I looked around and figured it was probably someone in one of the back yards facing the area we had walked to. Then Al caught my attention. "Hey," he said waving me over, "look at this.". There was a bone on the ground. It looked like a spinal column, but from what we couldn't tell. "What do you think it belongs to?", Al asked as we stared at it. "Probably a beef or pork bone of some kind.", I replied as I took a snapshot, and then kept walking, thinking nothing of it.

    As we continued, we found a strange rust colored rock jutting out of the soft sand. Al and I walked closer to it—sticking out of the sand, half buried, was a girl's shoe. "I am going to kick that shoe.", I told my friend as I walked back a few feet and started running at it.

    I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard a little girl's voice shout, "No! Don't, please!" I looked around, but didn't see anyone, and Al was looking at me confused. "Why did you stop?", he asked as I looked for the source of the voice. "Didn't you hear that little girl?", I asked.

    Not seeing anyone around us in the early afternoon light. "No one said anything," he replied, and we shrugged it off and walked farther. 

    Now I felt like more people were watching me. It was so heavy that it almost felt like a slight physical weight. Al stopped dead in his tracks and pointed ahead. "There is another bone," Al said, pointing to what looked like a broken femur laying on the sand. It had some foot prints around it, but other than that it looked undisturbed. We looked at it, and Al whispered to me, "Let's go. I think that is a human bone." I agreed.

    The weight I was feeling was becoming overwhelming, and the this bone did look too human. I took another picture, and we walked back to the car, and Al called the non-emergency police number for Carlsbad. We told them what we saw, gave them our information, and were on our ways home in no time. I had forgotten all about the bones and the rust colored rock until a week later Al called me back.

    He had gotten a call from the Carlsbad Police. The bones we found were indeed human, and though there were plenty of footprints around no one else had reported it. They were indeed human bones, and after finding them they started an investigation. Al told me that the police had started an investigation and had questioned them. They asked about the rust colored rock, and how we found the bones. After, they explained that it wasn't a large rock, but the remains of a pickup truck that had disappeared along with a family of three. A man, a woman, and their daughter.

    Upon investigation of the area, they found a shoe sticking out of the sand. Inside it were the skeletal remains of a girl's foot. Thinking back to it made my blood run cold. Was the unseen voice I heard that of the dead girl's? My thoughts were interrupted as Al finished what he was saying, "Anyways, we helped close a cold case from the 80s. So good job there.”


    3. Ouija Board Warning

    Last year, around September first, I went over to my friends' house for a party. It was about one in the morning. I was the only one there who believed in ghosts and paranormal activity, which they always made fun of me for. The other girls decided to use an Ouija board.

    I decided that instead of being a wimp about it, I would act as if I didn't believe in it. I started to question it and ask it to prove its presence. That was the first mistake of many that we had made that night. We asked a couple of the normal questions until one of my friends asked if the spirit wanted to hurt us. Its response was, "Only one."

    We started to get creeped out and the same friend who asked if it wanted to hurt us asked who it wanted to hurt, it started to spell out my full name, "Natasha", which I've always hated and always gone by 'Tasha' or 'T'. My friends never called me by my full name since they knew about my hate for that name. I pulled my hand off the planchette and went outside as soon as it said that. I found out later that my friends made the mistake of not saying goodbye to the board.

    That night, I have almost no memory of. I only remember brief moments which also happened to be the times that I would get migraines and nosebleeds. My friends took videos to show me and told me that I was acting weird, my voice had changed, and at brief moments I was even talking in different languages. That night wasn't the only occurrence of that though. My family told me that I was acting different and that my voice was off, like that night, the only times that I remembered it was when I was getting migraines and nosebleeds.

    Two weeks after that, I thought that I was back to normal, and my friends and family thought so, too. Until I suddenly got hospitalized for an entire week for the pain that doctors couldn't figure out. My kidney had gotten too bad that it almost shut down. The doctors could think of no reason that it would have happened; I got every type of medical test you could have done, yet nothing showed up. One day, the same day that I was scheduled for a surgery to take out my kidney, all the symptoms that I had were gone. After one day of a careful watch with no symptoms, I was released.

    Since that incident, I have never felt like I was alone. I always hear people talking when there's no one there. I sometimes feel someone grabbing my hands, I've even had the feeling of someone grabbing my neck to the point that I couldn't breathe. I've been known to have paranormal experiences too, but after that night, instead of harmless things, it's been dangerous and threatening.


    4. Scares at the Nursing Home

    I've been a dietary aide at a nursing home for people who have Alzheimer's near my house for about a year now. In that time, I've had some scary instances while working there. For my job I mainly just wash the dishes that get brought back to the kitchen. I'm usually standing right next to the dishwasher, and it is hard to hear what people are saying from time to time.

    There has been some times that while I was washing dishes, I heard someone talking to me even though I knew that no one was nearby. I have 2 experiences that I am going to be talking about. Mainly, though, is going to be one that I thought was scary and sad at the same time.

    The units that are at the nursing home are lettered from A-F. There are usually 3 people left when we do the dishes. 

    The first experience that I had was when I was going to go to A units to grab the food cart. The people on that unit usually never bring their stuff back to the kitchen for me to wash, but I felt like I was being followed the whole time to the unit. I didn't want to turn around because I had a bad feeling about it. So, while I was walking to the unit, I pretended to use the bathroom.

    From the hallway, you had to turn a corner to get to the bathrooms, so I thought about seeing what it was just by waiting. I ended up waiting there for about 5 minutes so I looked down the hallway that I had just walked, and I saw a person that I thought was a patient. I then realized it was a patient that died 3 days prior on a unit near the kitchen.

    The second experience that I had while I was washing the dishes on a different day. I asked the person I was washing the dishes with if he could go to A unit to get what was left of the unit’s things. That person went, and the other worker I was on shift with had already left for the day.

    While I was washing the dishes, at first the only sounds I was noticing were dishes hitting the water, the dishwasher, and a fan. Then I heard a person’s voice in my ear. I turned around, and found no one, then ended up going into the hallway to see if I could see the person doing it, but found no one. I tried not to think about it at all, and then it happened again.

    When it happened again, I realized it was the voice of my great-grandma, who passed away 7 years ago. I find this to be scary and sad because, for one, she didn’t die at the nursing home I work at.

    - Swagman434 

    5. Threatening Footsteps in the Country

    Since it's Halloween season, I guess now would be a good time to share some of my most frightening paranormal experiences. All of these stories that I'll post are true, and will probably be long, so bear with me.

    I’ve had more creepy shit happen to me than the average person. I have a deep fascination with the unknown, and that has proven more than once to be dangerous. I'm not sure if I seek out these dangers or if they find me, but whatever the case, strange occurrences have been happening since I was a kid. I will post one story now, and if you guys are interested, I'll post more later.

    Back in 2013, my friends and I were bored one night and decided to make a ouija board. Always a good idea, right? Well, my best friend lives way out in the country about a 45 minute drive from the closest store, so there wasn't much to do. We had spent the day hanging out watching movies, which we eventually got bored of. It was me, my best friend A, her boyfriend M, and his best friend B. I forget whose idea it was to make the ouija board, but nonetheless, we all agreed.

    Now before I go further, let me explain a few things about A's house. When it was first built it only had one bedroom. When her parents got the house, they added on 3 more bedrooms and one more bathroom down a long hallway, past the original bedroom. As I said, A is my best friend, so I've spent the night with her at her parents house several times… An entire summer actually, right after we graduated.

    Her mom and dad had moved into an apartment in the nearest city for that year to be closer to their jobs and the schooL that her siblings went to. Since they owned the house they had, A stayed behind. She was kinda scared, so I decided to stay with her later that summer because she was still uncomfortable living there alone and hadn't gotten used to it.

    I had been there about a week before this happened. We were in bed, and it was about 6 am. A was still asleep, but I had been awoken by the sound of heavy footsteps through her house. Her bedroom was the original bedroom and at the front of the house, so I could clearly hear footsteps coming from the kitchen and into the living room, headed right for her room.

    I tried to wake A up, but she's a deep sleeper and I couldn't raise her before the footsteps reached her bedroom door. I was so scared, I remember holding my breath and listening, preparing for the door to open. For someone to come in and do God knows what… but it never happened. I laid there for hours just waiting.

    I never heard any retreating footsteps, and began to wonder if I had imagined it, or if there was actually someone standing just outside her door, just waiting for us to open it… A finally woke up around 11 that morning. Before she could leave the room I told her about what I heard. And she froze. What she said next still gives me chills when I think about it.

    She said that for years she had heard the same footsteps and they always stopped right outside her bedroom. One day in particular, she was home alone. It was around noon, and she was still in bed, having stayed home sick from school. Her parents were both at work, and she didn't expect to hear anyone come home until 4 that evening. So when she suddenly heard heavy footsteps walking through the house, she became very alert, until she remembered her dad sometimes came home if he had a few free hours, for lunch or whatever. Maybe he was checking on her.

    She heard the footsteps approach her bedroom and she covered herself up since she was in only a T-shirt and quickly fell back asleep. Later when her dad finally came home, she asked him why he had come home earlier. And he said he hadn't.

    Since then, she has heard the same sequence of footsteps start and end in the same places in the house on numerous occasions. And sometimes at night, outside around the house. No one else ever heard it, until I did. We had a theory that maybe if there was a spirit there that it never went past her room because the rest of the house didn't exist before they moved in… Because of these experiences, we decided to try to find out if there really was a spirit living there with them.

    So anyways, we made the ouija board, messed around with it, but didn't get any kind of legible response, until we all heard a loud bang somewhere in the back of the house. At that, we stopped and decided to call it a night, thoroughly freaked out. A left with M and B to take them home. She drove a tiny car and all of us couldn't fit, so I stayed behind.

    I was pretty nervous and decided to turn on some family guy to calm my nerves. In the middle of the opening credits, the TV froze and started making this extremely loud high pitched buzzing noise. Now terrified, I quickly try to turn the TV off with the remote but it won't respond. I then try unplugging it, but that doesn't do anything either. Which scares me even more. How is that even possible?

    I finally decide to just go outside and wait for A to get back, I'm shaking and literally crying, convinced I'm going to die. So I go outside and start texting her, blowing up her phone, trying to explain what's happening but I can't type because I was so shaken up. Then her dogs start barking at the living room door. And I don't mean barking at the noise of the TV, they were viciously growling and snarling at the door like they could see something I couldn't.

    Finally A gets back after 30 minutes or so, and we go back in the house. As soon as we walk in, it completely... stops. The TV shuts off because I had left it unplugged. Luckily, it was making such a loud sound that she had heard it too. I mean, we could barely hear each other on the porch. Now, the TV doesn't even go that loud so idk what enabled it to do so. And even stranger, it hadn't done anything like that before.. or since. Idk what caused such a thing.. but we both believe it was a demon or malevolent spirit of some kind. But something is definitely living there, something not human. xombabe

    6. Ghost In The House

    I have always been into the paranormal and come from a long line of sensitives/telepathics and have had several paranormal experiences throughout my life.

    The story I am about to share is a cautionary tale to those who may be wanting to rent or buy a property to do as much research as possible. I wish that my husband and I had.

    I moved from Ohio to Massachusetts to get a fresh start. After being in Massachusetts for a while and finding myself, I met the person that I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Charlie and I dated for a year. Then, after getting married, we started looking for a place to rent and call our own.

    It was not long before we found a beautiful little house in a very quiet neighborhood. The house was very overgrown but had a lot of potential, so Charlie and I decided to jump on in. To give a little bit of layout of the house, it is three bedrooms—the master bedroom and a fairly large bedroom upstairs and a very small bedroom off of the dining room. All was well and we adjusted to the moving in process, but not long after we started to notice strange occurrences little by little.

    The first to happen was when Charlie was upstairs in bed while I was downstairs browsing the internet and watching tv (being the terrible insomniac that I am). All of a sudden Charlie came running at breakneck speed down the stairs and asked if I had just been up there. Of course, my response was no. He went as pale as could be and told me that he has been lying in bed dozing in and out and felt the blanket being pushed up so that his feet were out and a cold hand had caressed his foot.

    Shortly after that, we moved our bedroom into the much smaller bedroom downstairs, however, the activity continued. We would hear heavy footsteps going up and down the stairs, have bowls and pans spin clockwise while untouched on the counters, see a dark full-bodied figure walk past our bedroom door and disappear, a knife being lifted and thrown across the kitchen by an unseen force, having our dogs bark intently into the corner of our room at something we can not see, and, while outside, looking up into the window of the master bedroom, we saw an elderly lady staring down at us.

    Finally, Charlie and I talked with our neighbors to see if they could give any insight to the previous owner of this house or the previous owners. We found out that this house was built in 170's and the elderly lady that owned this house died here at the age of one hundred and one years old. We have no doubts in our mind that the spirit in the house is that of the previous owner so I set out to go upstairs and try to make peace with her. I told her that I know this is her house, but now it is our house too and we must make peace with each other so that we can cohabitate or if she wants help crossing over and going to the light where her loved ones wait for her I would be happy to help her. I also told her that Charlie and I want to keep the house nice and she is welcome to stay if she likes, but she cannot be doing anything that is harmful in any way.

    We continue to live in the same house and once in awhile she makes herself known, but things are a lot more peaceful.

    - mysticgypsy1976 

    7. Name Calling and Strange Breathing

    I’ve always been scared of anything paranormal and unexplained. As far as I can remember, there hasn't been any 'activity' as such apart from this one instance in my old house. Call me a coward but the idea of there being something you can't see but it's there, watching you, really creeps me out in a way I can't really explain. Too many horror stories, I guess.

    Anyways, my early life wasn't out of the ordinary. I had a pretty good upbringing, loving parents and, with me being the middle brother, there was always time for mischief between us 3. At the age of 5 - 6, my memory is a bit hazy. I can't pick any particular memories of my life at that point until I started to feel trapped in my own head. Anxiety, and, I guess you could say depression, hit me at a very young age. For the longest time, I could never work out why I felt this way. Countless sleepless nights, therapists, and counselors, but nothing. 5 years, I felt this way, and during that time, I experienced some strange, unexplained things.

    I shared a room with my younger brother. He could always just fall straight to sleep as soon as he hit the pillow, something I always envied since it would take me ages. During one of my sleepless evenings, I lay there, thoughts running through my head as usual, building up and up when suddenly, through the snoring of my younger brother I heard my name. 'Jaiden.'

    It was a man's voice. Not one I had ever heard before. It snapped me out my own mind. 'Hello.' I called out in reply. Nothing. I lay there listening for an answer, my heart beating fast, with that weird sweaty feeling you get if you almost drop something or nearly fall. I tried to blow it off as something that was just in my head, but I kept thinking back to the vividness of the voice and how I'd never heard it before.

    I had almost forgotten about the whole thing until one night. I could feel I was getting myself into that state again, thoughts running through my head, the constant worry over nothing. 'Jaiden.' There it was again, loud as day: only this time, in a woman's voice. One I had again, never heard before. I started to get that feeling. 'Hello' I called out once more. No answer. Only the faint heavy breathing of my brother.

    At this point, I was really creeped out. I thought back to the first time it happened and how this can't be in my head. I had seen enough horror films for my brain to start thinking up all these scary explanations, none I wanted to believe. More nights passed and over the course of a few more years, not much happened. I carried on with daily life and tried to feel normal and like a kid but as much as I tried, I always felt a little lost inside.

    That is, until one night when I was around 9 years old. I was laying there like usual, listening to the silence of the house when same old heavy breathing of my younger brother turned into that of two people breathing. This time, I felt like I couldn't move, listening to not only my brother's breathing but someone else's. My heart pounded against my chest as I hid under my covers shaking. I concentrated on the breaths until eventually, it stopped and went back to just my brother.

    I was so shook up by the whole ordeal, it didn't leave my mind for almost a week. Lets just say it took a lot longer to sleep that night. I never felt a presence in that room or house like I have heard people say they experience though and it’s been almost 6 years since then. We moved to somewhere different during that time with nothing like that happening since. I can also say that as soon as we moved, I have felt so much better. I can sleep normally, I don't worry about stuff as much, and I don't feel trapped in my head like I did before. Make what you will of this story, but to this day I still can't explain why I heard what I heard or felt what I felt.

    - JDBARNES123 

    8. My Great Grandmother's House

    I love my grandparents; I always have had a great relationship with them but I hate their house. The house has been in our family for over a century and was owned by my great grandmother before it was passed down to my grandfather... However, something had always seemed off about the house.

    My friends would go over there and they would say that "it's cold" even though the air was off or "I feel like I'm being watched". Well, when my great grandmother passed away, my mother and I moved into the house. We lived there for about a month but then moved back to our old house. I never wanted to spend another night in the house after what happened.

    In my old room, I had a bathroom. It was very small. It had enough room for a toilet and a small sink but that was it. The night we moved in I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason. I got up and went to the bathroom when the door behind me shut on its own and locked. My bathroom lock was broken, meaning it shouldn't have been able to lock, and the only light in the bathroom besides my phone went out.

    I've always have had a obsession with ghost hunting, which made me a peculiar child, so I already had a "Ghost Hunting" app I didn't believe worked until that day. It was a simple app with a radar and a text box over the radar. It was supposed to tell you what ever the spirit was saying. I remember feeling like someone was breathing down my neck, when suddenly the door unlocked and the radar picked up one word: "RUN".

    I ran back to my bed and hid under the covers till I fell asleep. The next day I was exhausted and went to sleep soundly. Once again, however, I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason. I figured it was because I was hungry. I went to the kitchen and got a snack. The kitchen is connected to the living room, and the living room has a door that leads outside.

    Then there's the pantry. The pantry was a room that branched off of the kitchen and had no door. I was in the kitchen when (I swear I really say this) I saw a dark figure in it pick something up, turn to me, and disappear. I wanted to scream, but with the terror I was feeling all I could get out was "what the hell?" I went to go back to my room but the living room door slammed shut just as I walked towards it.

    Once again, I felt something or someone breathe down my neck, causing me to flinch and jiggle the doorknob in desperation. Finally, after what felt like forever, the door opened and I ran to my room once again hiding. However I didn't sleep. I kept hearing footsteps on the porch. My mother blamed racoons but I don't think they could impersonate the sound of footsteps perfectly.

    The next night I decided to try to sleep in the den, considering I never felt scared there. Foolish mistake. I laid there, restless, with my phone open to the ghost hunting app. Finally it picked up a signal. "Quintin", it said and it caused me to freeze. Quintin was my great grandfather's name. I felt so sick. I laid there praying that mom would wake up, when luckily it stopped. I don't know why but that was the last bit of activity in the house that I've seen. I'm glad we moved back out. Just seeing the house still makes me uncomfortable.


    9. There's Something Terrorizing My Family...

    So about two weeks ago, my younger sister started hearing voices. I've always believed in the supernatural and paranormal, so naturally it came up in conversation this past Wednesday. It was her, myself, and a friend of hers on my family's back porch, telling each other scary stories that have happened to us.

    She told us about this voice she keeps hearing. It's deep and masculine and it calls to her at night in her room, telling her to come outside. She says the voice does not yell, but it is loud enough to hear clearly from outside in the middle of our yard. Our property is about 1,200 square feet and our house is a single story. Our driveway is short and made of gravel, and extends all the way into our backyard, ending at the foot of our back deck's steps.

    Anyway, Thursday night after we all got home from our daily activities, I thought I saw something moving in the small patch of trees in our backyard. Now, my Dad doesn't live at home, and my Mother had just left to go tanning. I was the only adult home to supervise my two sisters and their friend. So when I saw the movement I went in my sister's room and told them to stay in the house until I came back inside. Being teenagers they of course ignored me and went straight on my back deck.

    They all went inside after I didn't find anything back there, but just as they got in the house, something threw me through the air a good five feet. I'm 5"10 and 180 lbs, so to be thrown through air is not something I've experienced as an adult. Well, I, of course, lost my mind and ran into the house, losing a shoe in the process. About ten minutes went by and I realized I would need my shoe for work the next day. I leashed my 102 pound pit bull and went to retrieve my shoe. I'm not afraid to admit I was terrified of going back out there alone.

    When I reached the back deck however, my pittie refused to follow me into the backyard any further. He sat and held his leash in his mouth, which he does when he wants us to know he'll stay without being told. His ears were back, and although he wouldn't come with me, his eyes followed me the whole time. He knew we were both in danger. I grabbed my shoe, told him to come as I sprinted back into the house, and he beat me to the front door.

    I got back inside and my sister's friend told me she saw me get thrown. She said she ran to get my sisters when it happened, but only my sister who hears the voice believed me. I asked her to look at my back as I thought I'd cut it in the fall, and she screamed and ran off. I immediately went to the bathroom to look and I had four very long scratch marks running down the length of my back.

    At this point three of us are freaking out and we all need a smoke break, so we go out to the front porch. My youngest sister (the non-believer) goes in the house to get her lighter, and two seconds later is back out the door yelling that there was something looking into our back window.

    Our front door leads into a small hallway and directly across the full length of the house is an unobscured view of said window, which slides open and has no blinds or curtains. The only problem is that in order for her to see the head and shoulders of someone or something looking into that window, they would have to be over 7 feet tall. Now we're all freaking out and we decide to stick together, since it only seems to appear to one person at a time.

    We stayed on the front porch and eventually I say, "So we're just gonna sit out here with this thing all night?" Immediately after I say this, we hear immensely heavy footsteps running towards the front yard from the side of our house with the driveway extension. We all haul ass in the house because gravel was flying and we saw literally nothing but could hear it running straight for us.

    Later, my mother got home and blessed the area I was attacked at with sage and she also blessed my sister's physical body and spirit in accordance with her Native heritage. I am scared out of my mind, because even though this thing doesn't appear to be able to get in the house ( most likely due to the blessing my mother did after things started moving on their own) it CAN get us outside. I do not own a car, so I have to walk home from work late at night, which means this thing has plenty of time to attack me again. Same situation with my sister. If anyone has any experience in this area please help us.

    - twin_fish93 

    10. The Boy and the Man

    I grew up in an older home in Florida. I have two brothers and since I was the only girl, I got to have my own room on the second floor, a room that I would end up fearing at night. We lived in this house until we moved when I was 17. I don’t remember anything strange happening until I was around 15-16. Just the normal; Mom asking us kids where we put a glass or a book. Small things that none of us touched. In hindsight, that was probably either the man or the boy. 

    I came home late one night from a football game at my high school, it was around 10:00 or 11:00. My younger brother had a friend over and they liked to play pranks on me. When I poked my head in to say hello, I made sure I asked if they wouldn’t mess with me that night since I had to get up early for a soccer game. They both agreed and wished me a goodnight.

    The way my room was set up at the time was there was the actual main part of the room had my TV, dresser, a couch and coffee table that I would use for my friends staying over or when I was reading. My bed was in a little alcove that used to be a small porch so that my bed was flush with the windows that looked to the backyard. I put my bag on the couch and walked over to the bed to go to sleep. 

    It was the middle of the night when someone knocking on the wooden bedframe woke me up. I thought it was my brother and his friend who were just going to be annoying and run out of the room giggling. I flipped over to yell at them but didn’t see my brother. There was a boy about the age of 12 with sandy brown hair that hung to his chin wearing a purple hoodie just smiling at me, like a kid who got caught doing something he shouldn’t have been. And I could see right through him to the rest of the room! I watched as he slowly faded away, completely terrified until he was gone. I slept on the couch that night with the TV going in the background, and I moved my bed to the center of the room after that. 

    The next morning I had almost talked myself out of it, thinking it was a dream or had really been the boys. I asked them the next morning if they had knocked on my bed but both were sound asleep. My mom had overheard me and said she had seen the boy too.

    Since that night we started to notice more strange things, but I am positive it wasn’t the boy. There was a man, a mean man that I could feel at night in my room. We would hear footsteps walking around upstairs when all of us were in the kitchen, books would fly from the shelves and glasses would be pulled down and break. Our dogs would stand at the bottom of the stairs that led to the second floor and just growl. One of the most eerie things was the smell of cigarette smoke in the downstairs hallway, no one in our family smoked inside, ever. One of the last things that happened before we moved was my brother waking up to see a tall dark figure standing over me while I was sleeping. 

    The entire family at that point had seen or experienced something. The boy was just a kid who wanted to be known, the man was something else. None of us were sad to drive away from that house for the last time.

    - Riane Fisher 

    11. The House by the Cemetery 

    I have a fair share of scary ghost stories. But this one is by far the most scariest I've experienced.

    This happened a year ago. Me and my best friend Bella and her little sister and brother went on a trip to their grandparents’ house where we spent the night. In the day, the place wasn't so scary. Heading into the backyard, I was shocked to see that their backyard was right next to a cemetery but I was fascinated at the same time.

    Her grandpa helped us set up an old tent they used for camping. We both thought this was gonna be pretty chill. It soon became night and she and I were still awake watching Jaws. We decided to go out back to the swing set. We sat down across from each other and started to swing, the small lantern we had sat on the floor rocking. 

    We started talking about random things like school, relationships, videogames. Just normal things teenagers talked about, but then we started talking about ghost scary stuff. Bella used to live in a haunted house with a demon who tried to kill her and her family, so she told me stories about it.

    As she was speaking, I saw something in the cemetery that caught my eyes and my head drifted towards it, my eyes were wide when I saw this faceless, horned thing looking at us in the darkness.

    "What are you looking at?" Bella asked me. I refused to take my eyes off of it. "Do you see it?" I replied. Bella turned in the swing and stumbled falling off the swing. The closest place was the tent we had set up. Grabbing the light, we both bolted to the tent fumbling to zip up the door.

    Within the sleeping bags, we both were shaking. My phone was almost dead, but it didn't matter. I started to play a playlist on my phone to try and help us forget. As the music was playing, we could hear the fence rattle like something wanted to climb over it. Shortly after, we heard a bull-like huff sound and thud away.

    The night dragged on and we fell asleep to the soft music playing. In the morning, we quickly grabbed our things and headed inside to tell everyone what had happened that night. Bella’s grandparents were skeptical but her sister and mother knew better.

    - Marcoislove 

    12. My Paranormal Experience

    So I was around 16 or 17 years old. My mother, sister, and I had just moved into a new house. Everything was completely fine when we moved in. My mom and sister moved into 2 of the 3 bedrooms upstairs. Me being the only guy in the house, I elected to move into the bedroom in the basement.

    The whole basement is finished, so it's pretty much like a 1 bedroom apartment down there. I thought there was no way it could be that sketchy down there… man, was I wrong. About a month after moving in, I started noticing little things like hangers moving with no wind and light knocks in the middle of the night. I know it's not that scary but it was enough to get me to move upstairs to the 3rd bedroom (that was kind of like an office/gaming room at the time).

    So, I moved everything from one room to another and began staying upstairs, although I still went downstairs to play Xbox. Everything was fine for another month or so after that. Until one day I was playing Xbox in the basement when all of a sudden, I see this white mist shoot out from behind my tv, up the wall, and across the ceiling, right over my head. I never ran so fast in my life. I told my mom about it and she just brushed it off as my imagination.

    Over the next few months, I started hearing knocking and seeing things move again, and they slowly started getting stronger. It eventually got to the point where I could hear them upstairs. Along with that, I would hear whispers in the dark and disembodied screams.

    There was a time when my mom was on a business trip and my sister was at her friends so I had to stay home alone all night. I was surprised at how little was happening that night until about 1 am. I was on the verge of falling asleep when I was startled by a bloodcurdling scream that sounded like my mom calling my name when I knew I was the only person in the house… I slept the rest of the night with the lights on. I told my mom and she blamed it on my imagination again.

    A few months go by and nothing really big happens. Things still happened but it was really small stuff. Things I’d grown used to seeing and was now able to ignore. But then things started picking up again and it had begun to move upstairs.

    That’s when things really got crazy. I remember like it was yesterday. It was late at night. I was watching TV in my room when my bed started shaking. Not like horror movie shaking, but the kind of shaking where you know you are the only one that can feel it. I brushed it off and kept watching TV.

    A few hours go by and I start to feel like something is pulling my covers from the foot of my bed. I keep my eyes closed hoping that it would just go away but it didn’t. I felt a cold hand grab my ankle and try to drag me. At that point, I panicked and screamed bloody murder. My mom and sister came running out of their rooms and I told them what happened (as well as I could being in such a state of terror).

    Instead of my mom telling me it was my imagination again, this time she told me something that truly frightened me. She said that about 5 minutes before I screamed, she saw a shadow walk by the crack under her bedroom door. She just thought it was me or my sister going to the bathroom so she didn’t think anything of it. For the rest of that night we kept every light in the house on.

    In the morning my mom called the people who sold her the house (who have always been incredibly helpful to us) and told them what happened. They are religious and had their priest come and bless the house. They also personally gave us a crucifix for the house. Since then things have calmed down. I’m 25 now and no longer live there but I stay on holidays. Things still happen from time to time but nothing worth being afraid of. We think the things that happen now are just playful spirits just having some fun.

    - zZaRagingClueZz 

    13. Southern Fright

    When I was 16 years old babysitting was an additional source of income, and I was lucky enough to have many families in my area that needed a babysitter. A lady that babysat for quite often asked me one day if I would mind caring for her sister's baby, she mentioned that her sister had a hard time keeping a babysitter - well, of course I thought it was due to the child HA! I didn't mind at all, I quickly accepted the job meaning more income for myself and she was a super nice lady however, her husband was...well...a real jerk...he didn't want to be bothered with the baby at all and he was always in a mood - for the most part he was away a lot.

    My first day, she made a point to tell me that the house was “quirky” making a lot of strange of noises and whatnot... She told me to call her if I had any problems. I thought it was strange but dismissed it as just being because she was nervous to leave her baby with a new sitter.

    My first week was really uneventful—a few weird noises but I just dismissed them. One distinctive thing that I remember about the house was that it was always dark... Even on the brightest day, it was always really dark. During the day, you still had to have the lights on, even with the curtains open.

    The baby, who was only 6 months old, had a cute rainbow nightlight. It was an older one that you manually had to use some force to click on and off. Once it lightened up some in the morning, I would go and turn off the nightlight. Well, morning came and I turned off the nightlight. I went out to the living room to catch up on some homework and as soon as I got settled the baby started screaming, I rushed into his room. He was hysterical and the nightlight was on.

    I know for a fact that I turned it off. It wasn't a mistake or something I thought I did–I played it in my mind over and over and over again. I know that I turned that light off. I took the baby and comforted him. I was so disoriented and scared I didn't even try to turn it off again. I thought if something wants it on, it can be on.

    I didn't tell the mother about the nightlight. Every day, she would come and ask me if everything was okay. And I knew she wasn’t just talking about her son.

    Over the next few weeks, the experiences came more and more often. Lights turning on and off and doors closing by themselves.

    All of the events finally came to a peak. I was in the kitchen mixing oatmeal for the baby, when from behind something tugged the bottom hem of my shirt—and hard. It was so hard that my shirt tightened around my neck. I turned around and no one was there... I screamed and ran into the living room where the baby stared at me from his high chair like I was crazy!

    I didn't tell his mother about this either, I don't know why I didn't tell her - maybe I was scared that she would think I was crazy, or maybe I just didn't want to bother her with it - or maybe I was just scared since I never told anyone. 

    Finally, she and her husband moved out of the house that fall, making their stay only 10 months. I was the only babysitter who managed to be permanent during their time. I never discussed the events that happened there...

    Later, I did some research on the area. It's incredibly rural, and as souther as you can get. It also has a rich history in Indian tribes. While looking up the house, I discovered that during its construction, evidence of a full Indian burial site had been discovered.

    - pirategirl79

    14. Haunted By My Sister's Doll

    So, when I was a little kid, about 8 years old, I lived in this apartment with my family. There was  nothing crazy about the place where we lived. One day at daycare a group friends got together and started to talk about movies. One of the movies was Chucky the killer doll which just freaked me out, and I started to hate dolls.

    Lucky for me, we had no dolls at home: The only thing close to a doll was a Barbie, which is no big deal. That was till Christmas came around and my sister got two porcelain dolls and a big rag doll and I'm freaking out on the inside.

    So after my sister got the dolls, I had this fear of the porcelain doll coming to life. Every time I went in her room to play with the dreamcast, I would turn the boxes around making them face the wall. Sometimes I would play with my sister and her rag doll. This thing was a very tall rag doll and it had a nice face. Nothing to freak out about, well, until my sister put make-up all over it—then it was a little odd looking.

    But here where it gets creepy and would forever change my life. My mom would let me stay home alone sometimes when she went shopping or whatever. Odd stuff would happen, like I would get cuts on my knee or hands. Nothing too bad, but I never knew how it happened because I wasn’t doing anything but watching TV. If I fell asleep I woke with red marks on my back like scratches but no pain. I will never forget this day every in my life because it scared me so bad that even thinking about puts me in a emotional state.

    My mom had to go back to work for a little and took my sister with her, but I wanted to stay home and play the dreamcast in her room. After they left, I got something to eat, and then went in her room. I got a chill down my back and something was not right. Maybe it was because the porcelain dolls were looking at me. The rag doll was facing the wall on my sister bed.

    As I made my way to turn the dolls around, I hear a little girl laugh and it was clear as day. I look at the rag doll, frozen in fear. It started to move and turn my way, but before I could see its face, I ran out the room to my own. I kept the door closed until my mom got home. I ran up for a hug and told her what happened, but she didn't believe me. Next thing I know, my sister is mad because her rag doll was on the ground after I knocked it down and did not pick it up. The next day, I took the doll to the dumpster and never saw it again.

    - Djrox56 

    15. The Lady in the Corner

    In my last scary story, I spoke about a two story house I lived in when I was young. This happened in the same house. This incident occurred in my living room though, not my bedroom.

    If you were to enter the front door of the house and walk straight to the end of the living room, a small door would lead to the upstairs. To the right of it were two big wooden doors for my father’s bedroom, to the left a chair. The chair faced away from my father’s room, towards the tv. Against the wall, left of the front door was a couch that faced the small stair door. If you laid down, using the armrest as a headrest, you could face the tv corner or the door corner. To the right of the tv corner is the dining room/kitchen and so on.

    I was on my room at first and, like most nights, I would wake up to some noise... this time it came from in my room. It was the floor creaking like someone was walking on it. I kept my eyes closed my listened, pretending to sleep... whatever it was stopped right in front of my face and I could feel it was there.

    My breath slowed down. I was struck with fear and wanted to tell to my brother who slept on the top bunk bed, but was too afraid. I peeked open my eye just the slightest bit and saw a white figure in front of me. I closed my eyes again and just stayed still, hopeful that it would leave me alone. Eventually I peaeed again... it was gone. My fear was dulled but still there... this next part makes the hairs on my entire body stand up…

    I put my blanket over my head to venture off to my father’s room (I had a real thing for believing my blanket could protect me,) but as soon as I hit the dining room I felt like there were multiple people, standing around me watching me... I was scared to the point of tears but kept walking, thinking my blanket will protect me against whatever is in my house.

    When I get to the bug double wooden doors to his room, they were locked! I couldn’t go back to my room, or the dining room... I decided it was best if I laid down on the couch and just stayed under my blanket and go to sleep... Finally, I fell asleep.

    I wake up again for some reason, around 3:30-4:00 in the morning. I looked into the top of the tv corner, and there she was... the upper half of an elderly lady, staring at me. She was somewhat blurry but her eyes were darker than her pale body. Then I hear it... it speaks to me. Its words were long and slow, feminine and impatient... "Cody... Cody... come outside and play with me."

    I froze for a second and then screamed and threw my blanket over my head and went back to sleep. In the morning, I told everyone and my brother seemed to believe me. He later told me, that night he saw a white figure next to him staring at him while he pretended to sleep... that first figure I saw, staring at him…

    - redcody27 

    16. Home Alone... I Think

    Let me give some background before I tell this story. At the time, I was a senior in high school and where I live, you can choose to go during the day or at night. Anyway, I chose night school because I was a teenager that hated waking up early. I went to work during the day but I worked at a local law firm and could go in and leave whenever I pleased. 

    I should also add that my family has done some remodeling in this house, tore down walls, added new ones, gutted the whole kitchen and bathroom and built them again, etc.

    Anyway, I had a terrible headache that day so I didn't go into work that morning. I was laying in bed, sleeping on my back, with a pillow over my face because it was bright in my room. I hear my door open, and it sorta wakes me up. I continue laying there because I'm still half asleep and I don't care enough to take the pillow off my face. Then I feel pressure on my stomach like someone is poking me with two or three fingers, which makes me twitch pretty hard, and it’s like whatever poked me realized something living was under the covers, and needed to get out so I hear.... Footsteps?

    I live in an old house, and we have creaky hardwood floors. So if this was a human, I would hear creaking from the weight on the wood floors. But these steps don't creak or sound like footsteps. It sounds like pitter patter. The noise clearly goes out of my room, and my door slams shut.

    eSo now I'm fully awake, and I think my mom is home for lunch and that she's clearly the one that came in my room and poked me. Actually, I was kinda pissed that she slammed my door when she knew I had a headache. I go to check my phone and realize it's only 10 am, my mom’s lunch time isn't until 12.

    I call mom, and ask her if she was just in the house, she's like wtf no, I'm still at work, why? I tell her what happened, and she tells me to walk around the house with our big ass dog named Detroit. He was a guard dog and he was mean as hell, and huge. My step-dad poured concrete and would take him to work with him, but he had to keep him chained up to his truck because everyone was scared of him.

    So I know that if this was a person Detroit didn't know, basically, he would've already attacked him. Back to the story, I apparently grew balls in that time and walked around the house with Bubba. He didn't seem freaked out, no one was in there, so I called back and said I didn't see anything. But as I'm sitting there the realization of what just happened, and the weird footsteps start to sink in, and I'm getting all kinds of weird creepy vibes.

    So I'm sitting in my room, starting to panic out of nowhere, and my door slowly opens. Basically, I ~nope~ & get the heck out of there through a different door that goes outside. Almost immediately once I get outside, I feel better and can start to breathe again.

    I call my mom back, tell her what happened, and she comes home to look through the house with me. She gets there, amd we’re standing in the living room when the door handle on one of the doors going to a closet starts to jiggle very violently. Obviously, we leave. I go to my mom’s work with her in my pajamas because I'm not staying in that house by myself.

    After she gets off work, we tell my step-dad and he thinks I was dreaming for the poking bit, and the rest was just wind??? But now he believes me, because they've had other things happen. Like pans flying across the kitchen, stuff randomly falling from walls, their new (and evil) cat freaking out randomly for no reason, just acting scared.

    That was the only time I was ever scared in my house. Parents still live there, I moved out with my boyfriend after I graduated, but I go there all the time, and still haven't gotten a weird vibe since then.

    - Tpenning 

    17. The Disembodied Voice

    The house I grew up in was fairly old, and from the time I was about 8 I would see strange shadows, hear sounds, etc.

    I would tell my parents about it, but they just dismissed the incidents as my imagination. These incidents continued well into my teens, and several moments stick out in my mind. Most were a bit unsettling, but nothing that really scared me.

    Until one night, about 3 years ago, I was laying on the couch and my head was toward a doorway. The door was open. I got the feeling that someone was standing behind me, and I kept telling myself that it was my imagination and I should just ignore it. But the feeling persisted. I was wide awake and looking at the ceiling, and could not shake this feeling… 

    I felt whoever it was get closer. I shut my eyes, I was not going to look. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I knew something was right behind me. There was a pause and then I felt a breath on my neck. Then, in what I would call an angry whisper, a voice said, "We can see you." I screamed and jumped out of bed and ran out of the room, immediately switching the light on in the next room. Don't know how I ever got back to sleep that night.

    - Krh21 

    18. Henry the Hitchhiker

    A couple of years ago, I was working the night shift. I was on my way to work around 12am when I was stopped at a street light. I was the only person on the road so I was getting impatient waiting for the light to change.

    As I was sitting there, I heard a knock on my passenger window. I looked over, and there's this older gentleman probably around 60 or so, just standing there. I roll down my window like an idiot, and ask him if he was okay. He just stands there, so I’m thinking he's drunk or maybe has something wrong with him. I ask him again. Still no answer.

    Finally, he says can you give me a ride? Keep in mind that the light has already changed twice so I should've gone already. I asked where do you need me to take you? The guy said just up the street not far from here, I said okay but if it's farther I have to drop you off because I'm going to be late for work. I said get in.

    Again, I was worried if he was drunk—I didn't want him getting hit or getting hurt some other way. The man got in. As soon as I started to drive, I asked him his name and other small talk while he just sat there.

    Finally, he answered my name is Henry. I said, pleased to meet you, Henry. Are you sure you're okay? You really shouldn't be walking out at night in the road you could get hit.

    Henry just sat there, saying nothing. It was a cool night, not freezing, but I noticed that Henry was shivering. I asked if he wanted me to turn the heat on he said yes please. After about 10 minutes of driving, I asked Henry if we were getting close to his house because I had to get to work, he just sat there. Finally he said STOP!!

    So I stop the car, and he said we’re here. I look around and there's nothing but fields on both sides. I asked him here? He said yes please. He gets out and starts walking down the street. I'm thinking to myself, what the heck?

    As I'm about to get out of my car to go see what he's doing, he stops in the middle of the road and just stands there. At this point I'm getting worried/frustrated that I'm going to be late, so I just put my car in drive and slowly start to drive away. When I look in my mirror, I see Henry following me. I look down because I get a notice on my phone, and when I look up again Henry is gone.

    Now keep in mind, I only looked away for a couple of seconds there's no way that a person could move that quick out of my sight. By this time I'm freaking out, so I speed up and get to work. When I get inside, I see one of my coworkers and he sees that I'm a little out of it, so he asks me what's wrong.

    I tell him my story and he goes oh, you’ve seen him, too. He explains that a bunch of people have seen that guy. He asks for a ride, and if you give him one, he'll have you drive so far then stop and he'll get out. If you tell him no, he will follow your car and when you look up in your mirror, he's gone.

    I'm like maybe I'm dreaming or just tired, so when I'm driving home after work it's in the morning and I'm coming up to where I dropped Henry off, and wouldn't you know it, in the far distance there is a small cemetery with around 10 headstones.

    Needless to say, I quickly drove home and the next night I put in for a transfer to the day shift. If you find yourself alone at night stopped at a traffic light, take my advice and don't give anyone a ride—you just don't know who or what they really are!!

    - Jbharro 

    19. Touched By a Spirit?

    I used to "hang out" with this no good loser. He was using me and I was just too dumb to see it. One night he invited me over for a "slumber party", only he works third shift and I was working first at the time. So we hung out for a bit, and he left me a movie on in his room down in the basement while he went upstairs to play some video games.

    I fell asleep. His bed was horribly uncomfortable and I couldn't shake this feeling of being watched. I know that sounds so cliche, but it's the only way I could describe it. I went upstairs and asked at like 1am if he'd be coming down anytime soon and he said in a little bit.

    I went back to sleep downstairs. I was woken up by someone touching my face, saying "don't worry love, I'll be down soon". I didn't see anyone, but I wrote it off as a dream and floated back to sleep. Then again I was awoken by someone touching me saying "I know, I know I keep using this excuse... I'm coming soon. I really do miss you."

    This time I was jolted awake. Freaked out like in a ball all alone in a dark room with just static on the TV. Someone just touched me! I jumped out of the bed and ran down the hallway. Looking in the bathroom, closet, back porch, literally ANYWHERE my friend could have hidden. In those few moments, it would have taken me to realize something was up.

    Then I heard it, snoring... upstairs. I looked at my phone. It was 7am, who knows how long he'd been out upstairs. I got ready for work and left. Two weeks later I was hanging out with him again and I asked him if he had been messing with me that night. He said no; like I assumed he passed out shortly after I came upstairs at one... but when he came downstairs I was sprawled out on the bed. That's when I heard it.

    In his car on a CD was a voice that I recognized. A voice that made my blood run cold. I asked who the singer was. It was his best friend’s band. His best friend was the lead singer, who had committed suicide a year prior. His friend had lived with him for awhile and a lot of his stuff was still in the house, including some of his most prized possessions. Even though said loser was a jerk, at least his ghost friend didn't want me to be alone.

    - Hhurdd 

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