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10 People Share Their Most Terrifying Ghost Photos

These ghost photos just might make you believe…

Reddit is the internet’s home for all things creepy and crawly. On subreddits like r/Paranormal, users share their haunting experiences with the other side. Though often unintentional, people capture images of spirits and other paranormal activity in photos. Whether they’re unsuspecting or have been suspicious of the presence of an otherworldly being, the otherworldly images they capture are chilling. Here are ten of the most terrifying ghost photos on Reddit.

The Eerie Photography Lesson

  • Photo Credit: donaldamandam/Reddit

In 2005, a teenage girl had just gotten her first digital camera. She was messing around, experimenting with the features and taking photos of her friend Tommy. The two photos above were taken seconds apart. The first was taken with flash and the second was taken without. The photographer and her friend were the only people in the room at the time, but there’s clearly another person in the photo on the right. Unusual things were always happening in this family’s home. “Noises, things being moved, that kind of stuff. Maybe this was the person behind all of the activity?”

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The Haunted House

  • Photo Credit: WhatTheFDR/Reddit

This photo was taken while on a ghost hunt in Eldred, Illinois. If you look closely, you'll notice a woman in the bottom window and two faces in the top window. Sounds fairly normal for a family home, right? Wrong. The house was empty at the time. The house is the James John Eldred House, a historical building that dates back to 1861. For years, people have thought the Eldred house to be haunted, and on this ghost hunting mission, they were proven right.

The Uninvited Guest

  • Photo Credit: skydart/Reddit

It was a birthday party. The guests were having a ball at the old Hollywood bar where the event was held. They were laughing, drinking, and taking pictures. It wasn’t until the photos were posted on Facebook that everyone noticed that something was a little off. A particularly curvy spirit appears to be lurking in the background. Perhaps she’s the ghost of an old movies star … or a ghost who really enjoys a good time.

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The Intruder

  • Photo Credit: doppelclaus/Reddit

In 2002, a mother took a picture of her young daughter. Her father held her hand as the photo was taken. They were the only people in the house at the time. So then, who’s the demon-like being in the background? The family thought it could be the man who’d built the house and lived there for most of his either. But it didn’t really matter to them who it was. They put their house on the market and moved out the second they saw the creepy figure in the picture of their precious daughter.

The Girl In the Bookcase

  • Photo Credit: britneyc/Reddit

In the basement of their suburban home, a family began to see the ghost of a little girl. One day, they heard her giggles and turned around to capture this photo of her. She can be seen peering out as if she’s inside the bookcase. Or perhaps as if she's sitting in the floral chair and the bookcase is showing her reflection. Either way, she’s definitely there, and she’s definitely not human.

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The Stair Master

  • Photo Credit: DrowZeeMe/Reddit

On the stairs of a suburban home, there suddenly appeared a figure. She was dressed in old-fashioned garb and seemed to be impervious to the railing on the side of the stairway. The man who captured her on film didn’t notice her. He was a painter and took photos of all his completed jobs. But when he looked back at this photo, something was off, and it wasn’t the paint job.

The Woman in White

  • Photo Credit: envirex/Reddit

Growing up, they were convinced that a spirit haunted their home. For years, they talked about the “woman in white” who lived in their house. The woman was sometimes vengeful and sometimes peaceful and often seen simply standing around watching the family. There was one picture that provided proof of her existence. It was captured accidentally when the being happened to appear in the background of an ordinary photo.

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The Ghost of Stanley Hotel

  • Photo Credit: rawburtly/Reddit

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado has long been considered one of the most haunted places in the United States. The large hotel inspired The Shining after Stephen King stayed there as a guest. He, as well as others, heard children laughing when none were around, found his belongings in places where he had not put them, and heard the sounds of a party coming from an empty ballroom. In this photo, a Reddit user captured the image of a spirit in the reflection of the case of billiard balls. Danny might not be here but someone else certainly is…

The Visitor at the Monuments

  • Photo Credit: grooviekenn/Reddit

One night in 1997, two friends went for a walk to the monuments. When they arrived at the Jefferson Monument, they were all alone. There wasn’t another soul in sight. Yet when they took a photo of the statue, an unusual figure appeared in the background. On the left is the original photo, and on the right is a close up of the figure. It’s definitely not either of the two friends. Perhaps it’s old Jefferson himself…

The Problematic Resident

  • Photo Credit: DommyBfor3/Reddit

DommyBfor3 claims this eerie photo is of a dorm room at Fitchburg State University. According to the user, the room has been plagued by happenings that can’t be explained by logic. When an RA heard a trash can fall in an empty hallway, she went to investigate, snapping a picture. Turned out the culprit wasn’t exactly under her jurisdiction and there was no one for her to write up.

Published on 21 Nov 2018

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