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CREEPY CRATE UNBOXING: Are You Brave Enough to Take One Last Walk With Us Through the Woods?

The April/May Creepy Crate explores the terrors of the trees and looks death right in the eyes.

A cluster of dark, unsettling trees.
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  • Photo Credit: Dave Reed/Unsplash

We have so enjoyed trading terrors with all of our favorite creeps, but we have some solemn news. After seven years of frightful fun, our April/May Creepy Crate will be our last. But dry your tears and quiet your guttural screams, we're going to shepherd you gently through to the end.

Steel yourself for one final scare and get a sneak peek of what we have in store for you.

With the April/May Crate, we invite you to join us for a walk in the woods. Take our hand and trust us. It's for the best. As the leaves get so thick the sunlight can't spill through, let the darkness wash over you. Let your heart race and your hands tremble. With what we have to show you, it's okay to be afraid.

We won't be making it out of the forest, though. This is where we stand on the precipice of life's most mysterious journey: death. Look your fill, drink it in—preferably with the Danse Macabre mug included in this haul.

Every Creepy Crate will also come equipped with three temporary tattoos, featuring a skull, a memento mori candle, and a death moth. Don't forget to pay homage to the bringer of death himself with this slick Grim Reaper tee. For those dark, lonely nights, we've also given you a gold and glow in the dark Creepy Crate pin.

Our last trip together will also include two incredible books. You have the chance to receive a physical paperback copy of either Granite Harbor by Peter Nichols or The Secret History of Bigfoot by John O’Connor. Each subscriber will also get a free ebook download of Dead Lines by Greg Bear.

Don't already have a Creepy Crate subscription? No problem! Sign up now for just $39.99 with free shipping.

Every living thing dies alone, but we want you to go on without us. After all, who knows what the future holds? Sometimes death makes way for something new…

Featured image: Dave Reed/Unsplash