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Journey Into the Country’s Most Terrifying Urban Legends

Get a Creepy Crate full of spooky stories to share—and a free t-shirt when you subscribe!

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  • Photo Credit: Eugene Triguba / Unsplash

We love weaving tales of terror and despair. And when those stories hold a hint of truth, we’ll leave you shaking in your boots. In the upcoming February/March Creepy Crate, we’re celebrating the whispered tales that terrify listeners around the world.

This month’s Crate will pay homage to some of the creepiest urban legends out there, from creatures that stalk the swamps of New Orleans to the serial killer that may be in your backseat right now.

Every Creepy Crate subscriber will receive over $100 worth of chilling goodies, from a map of a national park’s terrifying otherworldly occurrences to a tote bag celebrating legend’s most gluttonous creature. You’ll also receive a copy of a brand new horror novel sure to generate legends of its own—The Girl in the Corn, by Jason Offutt.

All of this is yours for just $39.99 with free shipping! And now, for a limited time, we’re offering new subscribers an added bonus: a free t-shirt when you sign up. 

No code necessary: Simply subscribe to Creepy Crate, and you’ll receive our terrifying urban legends Crate packed with one hundred dollars worth of chills, plus an exclusive Candyman t-shirt, totally free!

Featured image: Eugene Triguba / Unsplash