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Weaving a Dark Web: These are the Best Podcasts for Horror Writers

Plot a nightmare...


Ask any horror writer and they’ll tell you that they never stop learning about the craft of writing. No matter how long they’ve been writing, there’s always something new to discover. Many craft books dive into teaching structure, plot, pacing, and the more technical aspects of writing, but writing isn’t just about prose. It’s about editing, querying, promoting, and more.

And one of the best ways to learn about the ins and outs of horror as a business is by listening to people from all over the horror industry talk about their careers, processes, and interests while analyzing the things they love about horror. Here are eleven fantastic podcasts that offer a wide range of approaches filled with incredible resources for writers.

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This is Horror

This is Horror is a podcast for lovers of horror. They curate content for readers, writers, and horror creators, making their show an amazing resource for horror writers. This isn’t a show that focuses only on stories. They interview writers, editors, publishers, creatives, and artists, where they discuss craft, the publishing world, and every aspect of the horror industry.

Writing Fright

Every week, Writing Fright sets out to learn everything there is to know about writing horror and speculative fiction. They interview authors from all walks of the publishing spectrum, along with editors and publishers. Their episodes discuss craft in-depth with entire shows on how to use prologues, find the right editor, write action scenes, discover resources, and more.

The Horror Show with Brian Keene

While this podcast is no longer in production, there are over 300 award-winning episodes of The Horror Show with Brian Keene available to listen to. Hosts Brian Keene, Mary SanGiovanni, Dave Thomas, and Matt Wildasin—along with guest hosts, delve into conversations with some of the biggest names in horror. Their focus extends past just genre fiction as they discuss comics, film, and the business of horror.

Colors of the Dark

If you’re interested in learning the history of the genre, Colors of the Dark is the podcast for you. FANGORIA partners with horror experts every week to explore the history of horror franchises, key horror players, pivotal films, the biggest icons, and more. 

Written in Red

Horror authors Aron Beauregard, Carver Pike, Daniel Volpe, and Rowland Bercy Jr. focus on overlooked books in the horror genre as a way to learn about how to write horror. Because they explore craft through these lesser-known works, the podcast is fantastic for both readers and writers. They talk about their own journeys in writing, what they’ve learned, and what they’re still learning. 

The Dark Word

The Dark Word is a relatively new podcast hosted by horror author Philip Fracassi. Every week he focuses on writing horror as a profession through interviews that cover the creative process, the business side of writing, and a plethora of writing advice authors. With some of the biggest names in horror, this podcast is a fantastic resource for writers.

The Ghost Writers Podcast

Four horror writers, Mary SanGiovanni, Somer Cannon, Dave Thomas, and Matt Wildasen, explore the genre by dissecting films. They’ll also discuss corresponding books, update their own writing journeys, and highlight how a deep understanding of the genre—even through film—is vital for horror writers to thrive.

Eddie V’s Horror Show

Horror encompasses more than just fiction and horror author Edward Villanova wants to explore the world of horror with you. Eddie explores real-life unexplained and strange events, spooky tales from popular culture, as well as diving into video games, books, movies, shows, and more. His episodes are balanced with writing tips, reviews, and a plethora of horror content for both writers and fans.

Twisted Tendrils: Horrific Writing Advice

If you’re looking for a podcast all about writing advice, Twisted Tendrils is for you. Their focus is talking about writing tips and techniques as well as doing deep analyses of their favorite book passages. They dissect each subgenre and what they consist of, as well as how to weave popular elements of popular horror films and characters into your own stories. Sprinkled throughout their craft conversations are interviews with authors and fellow horror enthusiasts.

The Nightmare Engine Podcast

The goal of any horror writer is to create a nightmare engine for their readers. Horror writers David Viergutz and Jay Bower give their insights into how to create those engines by talking about writing craft, doing author interviews, and reviewing movies, shows, and anything horror related. They have more focus on the self-publishing industry, providing a valuable resource for self-published horror writers.

The Monster, She Wrote

Authors Lisa Kroger and Melanie E. Anderson are dedicated to bringing more focus to women in horror. Multiple times a month, they discuss a wide range of stories and interview the women creating dark worlds in fiction. Their conversations provide new perspectives and awareness on how to open the genre to more readers and writers.