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The Best Horror Merch on the NYCC 2023 Show Floor

Your shopping cart has never looked scarier.

best horror finds on the nycc show floor
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  • Photo Credit: New York Comic Con official X

Last weekend I spent four glorious days at New York Comic Con taking in all the horror sights. While snapping pictures of all the frightful cosplays was a definite highlight, journeying through the show floor was an absolute rush. Hundreds of exhibitors were packed in tight, peddling their wares. Enamel pins, posters, funkos, oh my!

Of course, through the clamoring pop culture haven, I kept my senses sharp on the lookout for the best horror merch around. So, whether you're hunting for a gift for the horror lover in your life or just looking to indulge in some spooky retail therapy, here are some of the best horror finds on the NYCC 2023 show floor!

Atom Age Industries & Graveyard Goods

atom age industries graveyard goods

Who doesn't love a retro-style tee? Repping flicks and TV from classics like Halloween to new hits like Barbarian, this booth had something to offer for every kind of horror fan. Plus, you can't go wrong with one of their timeless baseball caps. 

Atom Age Industries has a site full of incredible apparel and goods ready to order, and if you think their stock at the con was good, they have even more delights you haven't seen yet!

Graveyard Goods releases their products in pre-order drops, so sign up for notifications to see what new scares they have in store for you!

Matthew Lineham

matthew lineham art

This booth was immediately eye-catching, and there were so many incredible finds here I couldn't fit them all in one picture. Artist and illustrator Matthew Lineham brings a bright and vivid 80s retro style to his work, and while a large portion of his collection is music-focused, he has a large catalog of horror work as well. Beyond the pennants and prints seen here, his site also features valentines, shirts, and ornaments!

Brittnee Braun Designs

brittnee braun designs

When I saw these bags on the show floor, my heart skipped a beat. And while these precious finds appear to only be available through in-person sales, Brittnee Braun Designs has a ton of incredible apparel available on Etsy. The handmade horror and Halloween skirts and tops are to die for.



Dare I say this was my favorite booth on the entire show floor? Illuminidol has hundreds of prayer candles devoted to pop culture favorites, featuring a good collection of horror faces. And if you don't happen to find the icon you're looking for? They do custom orders!

Beyond prayer candles, you'll also find can huggers, tote bags, face masks, pillows, and air fresheners!

Literary Alterations

literary alterations

This booth was a haven for someone who likes their fandom goods cute and tiny. Literary Alterations specializes not only in enamel pins, but in jewelry, keychains, stationary, and crystal carvings. While they've got a great horror selection, they go beyond into anime, gaming, comics, and more.

Great American Gothic

great american gothic

Let me preface by saying, I was on the hunt for this booth because I loved it so much last year. In fact, it was impossible to get a picture that captured just how wonderful their wares are, because their booth was so packed every time I ventured by. These incredible horror-themed flasks are just the tip of the iceberg. Great American Gothic also sells goblets, canes, and gothic jewelry. Find them at conventions to get a pair of custom fangs!

Drew Blank

drew blank

The main attraction of Drew Blank's work is such a unique and interesting concept: art prints acting as the cover art of fake albums. These album concepts are based on television and film, and he's got a delightful offering of horror takes. His fake albums come with a front and a back, but they're printed separately so you can display both!

On his site, you'll also find coloring books, pins, magnets, greeting cards, and more!