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11 Bewitching Gifts for American Horror Story Fans

The darkness gathers.

american horror story gifts
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The witching season is fast approaching, and for the first time in as long as we can remember, there’s no new season of American Horror Story to warm our cold hearts.

If like many of us you’re yearning for the thrills and chills of Ryan Murphy's terrifying horror anthology series, we rounded up a coven of gifts for American Horror Story fans that will soothe your dark soul. From bewitching wearables to one-of-a-kind collectibles, the following gifts are must-haves for AHS fans and will allow you to declare your love for American Horror Story to the world in all its monstrous forms. 

"Normal People Scare Me" Shirt

american horror story gifts normal people scare me shirt

Tried-and-true, this is the most classic American Horror Story merchandise of all. Pay homage to the season that started it all with this tee featuring Tate Langdon’s signature “Normal People Scare Me” slogan from Murder House. No one will have to guess what your favorite show is when you have this on.

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All-Seasons Mug

american horror story gifts all seasons mug

We get it. With so many amazing seasons of American Horror Story, how could you ever choose just one season? If you love all things AHS, this mug will have you waking up every morning or winding down every night with reminders of all the horrors you’ve survived—and enjoyed.

AHS: Roanoke Blood Moon Necklace

american horror story gifts roanoke blood moon necklace

The blood moon is rising. Make sure everyone knows about it with this dazzling American Horror Story: Roanoke necklace. Vintage-inspired and petrifying, you can show off your love for this criminally underrated season in style.

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Camp Redwood Shirt

american horror story gifts camp redwood shirt

Who needs Camp Crystal Lake? You know the real terror hides at Camp Redwood, and this tee inspired by American Horror Story’s latest season, 1984, is out to prove it to everyone else too. Be careful who you bunk with.

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Hotel Cortez Motel Keychain

american horror story gifts hotel cortez keychain

It’s time to check into your room. American Horror Story: Hotel undoubtedly ranks among the show’s top seasons, and now you can carry your love for the Hotel Cortez with you everywhere you go with this motel keychain.

AHS: Coven B*tchcraft Socks

american horror story gifts btchcraft socks

If you’re looking to embrace a little, or a lot, of that AHS: Coven girl power this Halloween season, these dark and dangerous knee-high socks are exactly what your costume needs. Who needs simple witchcraft when you can have a little b*tchcraft?

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AHS: Freak Show Twisty Pin

american horror story gifts twisty pin

American Horror Story: Freak Show introduced viewers to one of the most demented clowns of all time. Now, you can show off your very own miniature Twisty the Clown, and your love for this season, with this sickening enamel pin. Pennywise wouldn’t stand a chance against this brutal fool.

American Horror Story Sticker Pack

american horror story gifts sticker pack

If someone—or something—from every season of American Horror Story has a place in your dark and twisted heart, these stickers will take your love for your favorite terrifying show wherever you want them to go. Pop them on a laptop, a water bottle, your phone, or anything you desire. You can never go wrong with a sticker pack.

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AHS: Freak Show Blanket

american horror story gifts freak show blanket

As the summer winds down and the temperatures cool, we know it’s prime American Horror Story time. We may not have a new season to look forward to this year, but with this American Horror Story: Freak Show blanket, you can cozy up on your couch and watch all your favorite seasons over, and over, and over again.

Pepper Funko POP!

american horror story gifts pepper funko pop

There are a lot of iconic characters from American Horror Story. But no one quite captured the hearts of viewers like Pepper, first introduced in season two’s Asylum. If you’re looking for a little cheering up among the dingy walls of Briarcliff Manor, let this Pepper Funko POP! brighten up even the darkest corners.

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AHS: Cult Mug

american horror story gifts cult mug

Short, sweet, and to the point. Make a bold statement about your favorite timely and terrifying season of American Horror Story with this Cult mug. Other people may have it, but hey, sometimes we can’t resist the charms of the hivemind.

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Featured image from "American Horror Story: Coven" poster via FX Networks.