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8 Creepy Paranormal Book Excerpts That Will Chill You to Your Core

These ghosts will haunt you.


Tales of the paranormal have haunted people for generations. The unknown and unexplainable invokes horror deep within us, as we never truly know what to expect.

These paranormal books will have you furiously turning page after page until you reach the startling, and sometimes unsettling, conclusion. Read about these eight paranormal books below, and then click to read book excerpts from these haunting tales.

This House is Haunted, by Hans Holzer

this house is haunted

Paranormal expert Hans Holzer investigates both sides of haunted houses: The real-life people living among the ghosts, and the ghosts who still wander the halls.

Read an excerpt here.

The Levee, by Malcolm Shuman


As a child, true crime writer Colin Douglas was haunted by the unsolved murder of a local woman and the ghost he saw just before the body was discovered. Years later, Douglas witnesses an execution, and the nightmares of his childhood return. Now he must head home to attempt to solve the cold case.

Sleeping Policemen, by Dale Bailey and Jack Slay Jr.


When three college students hit a stranger in the middle of the night, they don’t know whether to turn themselves in or hide the evidence. But they had no idea that the dead man was only the beginning … and what they’ve set into motion is both ghostly and horrific.

Read an excerpt here.

The Headsman, by James Neal Harvey

headsman mystery and thriller excerpts

The people of a town in upstate New York are haunted by the legend of a local executioner, who is said to return periodically for blood. When teenager Marcy Dickens awakens to loud footsteps outside her room, she can no longer convince herself the legends aren’t true.

Read an excerpt here.

The Sleep Room, by F.R. Tallis

sleep room

Dr. Richardson accepts a job working on a controversial study that treats severely mentally disturbed patients by keeping them asleep for months. What he doesn’t know, however, is that there may be more sinister forces at play outside the sleep room.

Read an excerpt here.

House of Bones, by Dale Bailey

house of bones horror books to movies

Decades ago, Chicago’s Dreamland Housing Project, which was supposed to give people a second chance, became a place of evil. Now, five willing strangers and headed into the dark halls to investigate whether the ghostly legends are real.

Read an excerpt here.

Haunted People, by Hans Holzer


In this chilling collection, people who were touched by the paranormal recount their real-life experiences. One in particular involves an Ouija board and the ghost of a woman’s former lover—hell bent on getting her back.

Read an excerpt here.

Shade of Pale, by Greg Kihn

shade of pale

The legend of the Banshee, a mysterious angel of death, is common in Irish folklore—and is said to have the ability to take multiple forms. When New York City psychiatrist Jukes Wahler encounters a beautiful redhead, he has no idea that the end might be near.

Read an excerpt here.

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