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13 Temporarily Dead People Open Up About What it Was Like to be Dead

They've seen the other side...

temporarily dead
  • Photo Credit: Jon Butterworth / Unsplash

1. monitormonkey died during surgery and “flipped through a book of snippets” from her life.

2. TheDeadManWalks was 15 years old when he was afflicted with sepsis and an infected colon while undergoing chemo. His body began hemorrhaging blood and he was rushed to a hospital where he “slipped in and out of life.” He beautifully relates his near-death experience to hitting a snooze alarm on life.

3. Schneidah7 (temporarily) died from a motorcycle accident, and gives hope to anyone who wants to see their loved ones again.

temporarily dead
  • Photo Credit: Ramdan Authentic / Unsplash

4. TheBawlrus went into renal failure, and relates his brush with death to being powered down.

5. CDC_ tells us how things could have gone in the movie My Girl if only Macauly Culkin had lived around the corner from a hospital and they were able to bring him back to life.

6. Axesta died a little bit as a result of sepsis from a dentist’s tools.

temporarily dead
  • Photo Credit: Thomas / Flickr (CC)

7. deag_bullet got a teensy bit killed in a car accident, but is at a loss for how to interpret his experience.

8. z91x  almost drank himself to a peaceful death.

9. SonOfDavor was a five-year-old who almost drowned in a pool and now sees shimmering visions.

temporarily dead
  • Photo Credit: Kae Yen Wong / Flickr (CC)

10. minusthelela flat-lined for ten whole minutes in the ER and doesn’t want to die again.

11. Hobojesse wrote in with another dental scenario. This is why no one wants to get their teeth checked, people!

12. 7storiesup died at seven years old during surgery, and it gave him an incredibly bleak view of death.

temporarily dead
  • Photo Credit: wonker / Flickr (CC)

13. And finally, there’s calgarykid, who was surrounded by his regrets during their visit to the afterlife.