8 True Crime Documentaries to Stream Tonight on Amazon Prime

These true crime documentaries need to be seen.

true crime documentaries on amazon prime
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It seems like every time you turn around, there’s a new true crime documentary enthralling the internet. And while Netflix may have cornered the market on buzzy original programming, Amazon Prime boasts an incredible collection of true crime documentaries that you need to see.

These eight true crime documentaries on Amazon Prime will shock, horrify, and enlighten you. Get cozy and start streaming.

Bayou Blue

true crime documentaries on amazon prime
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The horrifying story of Ronald Dominique will leave you shaken. Dominique killed at least 23 men, usually after raping them. Dominique targeted victims who he believed would not be missed—young, gay, often African-American men from poverty-stricken Southeastern Louisiana. This documentary includes commentary from the detectives assigned to the case, the only victim who escaped Dominique, and the families of multiple victims.

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The Paradise Lost trilogy

true crime documentaries on amazon prime
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The case featured in Paradise Lost ignited a firestorm that still burns today. In 1993, the bodies of three young boys were discovered in the woods of West Memphis, Arkansas. “Satanic Panic” gripped the U.S. at the time, and soon the murders were tied to allegations of satanism. The three teenage boys accused of the murders were said to have enacted a satanic ritual that culminated in the murders. This documentary, the first of three, makes it clear just how flimsy the connections were between the accused and the crime and triggered a wave of support for the incarcerated teenagers.

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The Moors Murders

true crime documentaries on amazon prime
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Ian Brady and Myra Hindley are among the most despised killers of all time. Caught after killing and sexually assaulting five children, the twisted couple was reported to the police by Hindley’s brother-in-law. This documentary captures the pure evil of Brady and Hindley, while maintaining respect for the victims and the victims’ families.

Where Is Robert Fisher?

true crime documentaries on amazon prime
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Robert Fisher became one of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives in 2002. In 2001, Fisher, panicking after his infidelity caused his wife Mary to consider divorce, killed Mary and their two children, then set fire to their home with homemade explosives. After a year on the run, Fisher had been added to the FBI’s list and named a fugitive. Tips continue to pour in about Fisher’s whereabouts, but none have resulted in his arrest. This documentary focuses both on the horrors of his crimes and the likelihood of Fisher ever being captured.

Without Charity

best true crime documentaries
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In rural Indiana, in the summer of 2000, three construction workers were murdered in a robbery gone wrong. When police discover that a young woman named Charity Payne may be linked to the crimes, the question arises: Is she directly responsible for the deaths, or merely a pawn in a larger scheme?

Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four

true crime documentaries on amazon prime
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In 1994, four young women were arrested. They were accused of raping one of the women’s two nieces during a vacation. All four of the Latina, gay women were accused of raping the girls as part of a satanic ritual. They were all convicted of the crime and sentenced to 15 or 37 years in prison. It soon became clear that the trial was predicted on faulty evidence and outright lies. Southwest of Salem digs into the pressures that made it easy for these women to be convicted and the immense difficulty of clearing their names.

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Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

true crime documentaries on amazon prime
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Years after its release, Dear Zachary remains one of the most heartbreaking true crime documentaries you'll ever see. Documentarian Kurt Kuenne began this documentary as a portrait of his dear friend, Andrew Bagby, who had been murdered by Shirley Jane Turner shortly after Bagby ended their rocky relationship. Kuenne hoped to gift the documentary to Bagby’s newborn, Zachary. But his film soon became something for more complicated—and tragic.


true crime documentaries on amazon prime
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In the 1970s, children began disappearing on Staten Island. Although residents long swapped ghost stories of a monster in the woods that preying on children–dubbed “Cropsey”–it now seemed that their local urban legend had come to life. This documentary examines both the myth of Cropsey and the all-too-real crimes of Andre Rand.

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Published on 13 Jul 2018