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These True Creepy Clown Stories Will Make You Want to Hide Forever

These real-life clowns are straight out of our nightmares.

creepy clown stories
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  • Photo Credit: Tom Roberts / Unsplash

Stephen King's It might keep you up at night, but Pennywise isn’t the only creepy clown of its kind. Throughout the years, clowns all over the world have terrorized communities, as recently as last summer when they started showing up unexplained in South Carolina and beyond.

While those clowns freaked us out with their Facebook threats, they weren't the first to give clowns a sinister name. Here are six real-life clown stories that will make you check the lock on your doors.

Pogo the Clown

creepy clown stories
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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Serial killer John Wayne Gacy terrified the Chicago community in the 70s by luring and killing young men and children (most of whom were buried in the crawlspace under his home). However, he also had an alter ego, Pogo the Clown. And he didn't just wear the costume at kids’ parties, either. It’s been said Gacy may have dressed up like Pogo during some of his brutal rapes and murders. 

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Clown Gang

Back in 2014, a group of clowns tormented the city of Adage in France with chains and knifes. The clowns would chase the victims (both children and adults) to scare them, but soon escalated to physical harm. One victim was beaten with a metal rod. Eventually, 14 teenagers were arrested for harassment.

Clown Shooter

creepy clown stories
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  • Marlene Warren

    Photo Credit: Daily Mirror

In the 90s, Marlene Warren was confronted with a clown at her Florida home. The clown stood at her doorstep with flowers and balloons, quickly pulling out a gun and shooting Warren in the face, causing her death. Only this year, Warren’s husband’s mistress—and future wife—was charged with this crime. New DNA evidence led to her trial.

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Klutzo the Clown

Amon Paul Carlock, a devout Christian and former Grandview police officer, performed as Klutzo the Clown to orphanages in the Philippines. But that wasn’t the only reason he traveled that far. Klutzo apparently had a fetish for young boys. His secret was revealed in 2007 when he was stopped at the airport after one of his many trips. Police discovered about 60 indecent photographs of young boys. Carlock was arrested, yet he died in prison before his trial could begin.

Clown Stalkers

England had its share of eerie clown disturbances back in 2015. Clowns popped up out of nowhere stalking children around their schools in Kent. Kids were told to get into vans by these masked men, which prompted increased police presence and vigilance among the parents and schoolteachers of the community. 

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Clown Rapist

creepy clown stories
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  • Photo Credit: CBS News

Jose Guadalupe Jimenez was an accomplished clown in California. In 2002, however, his career took a twisted turn. Late at night, Jimenez abducted a 12-year-old girl from a local Taco Bell parking lot and raped her—while in his full clown attire. Jimenez then took the victim to a motel and assaulted her again. Thankfully, the girl escaped when Jimenez stepped away to speak with a motel clerk.

Featured photo: Tom Roberts / Unsplash; Additional photos: Daily Mirror; CBS News