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Do You Want to Own This Haunted House in Texas?

Buyer beware...

Ever wanted to live in Texas, surrounded by ghosts? It’s your lucky day.

Phil and Kim Kirchhoff purchased a home in Mineral Wells, Texas a couple years ago. Unbeknownst to the new owners, this house had a history of ghostly activity. Soon after they purchased the home, neighbors reached out to tell them about the strange things that have happened in the past.

The Kirchhoffs, understandably, decided not to live in the house after hearing the rumors of paranormal activity. Instead, they began renting out the house by the night or weekend to ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. Phil sometimes helps with the ghost hunts. 

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Renters of the Haunted Hill House, as it's known, have encountered the spirit of a child sitting in their laps or jumping on their backs. They also report hearing strange noises and have captured eerie orbs on camera. Some visitors even suffered scratches and bites while there. 

The house dates back to the 1890s. At some point in the 1920s, it allegedly became a brothel. So the story goes, one of the women who worked in the brothel had a child, born with health issues. That boy's name was Joshua. Joshua's poor health led to his early death. Now the young boy's spirit resides in the home.

Joshua's spirit, however, is not alone. As many as nine other ghosts allegedly reside in the house today. While renting out the property, the Kirchhoffs requested that investigators not perform any cleansing ceremonies, so that the ghosts would continue to feel welcome.

According to Austin360.com, Phil refuses to sell the property to anyone who wants to demolish the house. In fact, he hopes the house can live on after the sale as a real-life haunted attraction or a paranormal research center. The next owner is also asked to not remove items from the property, as it could upset the resident spirits.

Check out the listing for the home here. You can have a brand new home and nine new spirit friends for the low, low cost of $99,900.

[via Austin360.com]

Feature photo via Har.com 

Published on 22 Sep 2017

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