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Lizzie Borden's Home Could Now Be Yours ... If You Dare

Watch out for axes.

lizzie borden house
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After Lizzie Borden was acquitted of giving her father 41 whacks, she had to live somewhere. Now, you could live there too.

Way back in August 1892, the bodies of Andrew Borden and his second wife Abby were discovered in their Fall River, Massachusetts home. Despite the nursery rhyme suggesting Abby suffered 40 blows while Andrew received 41, the victims had actually been bludgeoned 18-19 and 10-11 times, respectively.

Lizzie Borden quickly became the prime suspect. Authorities were suspicious of her seemingly unbothered demeanor, as well as her decision to burn one of her dresses in the days after the murders—Lizzie claimed the dress was stained from housework; police thought otherwise. Lizzie's sister Emma was out of town at the time of the slayings. Soon, Lizzie was arrested on suspicion of murder. 

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On June 5, 1893, the trial began. Coverage of the proceedings dominated headlines, and the public could not get enough of the case. Those who believed in Lizzie's guilt said she was motivated by greed (she and Emma received all of Andrew’s significant wealth after his death). Others suggested it was a severe dislike of stepmother Abby that triggered the slayings. On June 20, 1893, the jury delivered its verdict. They found Lizzie Borden not guilty of murder and cleared her of the crime.

Lizzie and Emma decided to stay in Fall River after the trial ended. They bought a mansion in “The Hill” neighborhood, a posh section of Fall River. Supposedly, there had previously been tension in the Borden household about this very neighborhood. Andrew refused to leave their less fashionable neighborhood and purchase a nicer home, even though the family could easily afford to live elsewhere.

Perhaps buying this house, the Maplecroft Mansion, was Lizzie’s final rebellion against her parents. Whatever her motive, you can now purchase the mansion where she lived out her life. The 8-bedroom house is on sale for $849,000.

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It's already approved for a bed & breakfast license and has been fully restored to its Victorian splendor. Something about all the restored furnishings gives the property an eerie air… although that could just be thanks to its infamous former resident. You can check out the listing and more photos at Zillow.

Feature photo via Zillow