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10 People Share Their Most Terrifying Ghost Photos

These ghost photos just might make you believe…

by Allison Wild

Preston Castle: The Haunted Reform School You Can Actually Visit

Haunting the corridors of this former reformatory are dark tales of mystery and murder.

by Orrin Grey

10 Haunted Places to Explore This Summer—If You’re Brave Enough

Spend your summer with some chilling company at these haunted places around the country.

by Catherine Phelan

Are You Brave Enough to Spend the Night Aboard the Haunted Queen Mary? 

The ship is reportedly home to 120 ghosts. You can book a room—if you dare.

by did you know?

8 Creepy Urban Legends Haunting Yosemite National Park

You may want something more sturdy than a tent while you're surrounded by these legends.

by did you know?

The Lemp Mansion Curse

Bringing doom to the once-powerful Lemp family, this mansion’s history will fascinate any spirit seeker.

by Audrey Webster

9 Haunting American Ghost Towns You Can Visit—If You Dare

These supposedly empty towns are actually filled with ghosts of past residents.

by The Lineup Staff

10 Spooky English Ghost Stories That Will Give You Goosebumps

Strange creatures, restless spirits, and unnatural deaths haunt the British Isle.

by Occult Museum

American Horror: The 10 Most Haunted Places in Ohio

The Buckeye State will frighten you out of your mind.

by Occult Museum

You Can Now Buy New York's Horrific—and Haunted—Kreischer Mansion

The Victorian house has a history of violence, ghosts, and more.

by Catherine Phelan

10 Insanely Spooky Places in Australia

Get your scares in the Land Down Under.

by Belle Hann

The Phantoms of St. Augustine's Haunted Lighthouse

"The figure of a young girl in a long dress can be seen standing alone on the observation deck..." 

by Jessica Ferri

10 Very Haunted Places in London You Can Actually Visit

From pubs to theatres and castles, legends abound of restless specters and inexplicable sounds. Plan a visit to some of the most haunted places in London.

by Occult Museum

9 Locations with Violent Pasts That Are Terrorized by Spirits

These notoriously haunted places share long and violent histories and reports of souls who roam the grounds in search of redemption ... or revenge.

by Occult Museum

5 Most Haunted Towns in the United States

You’re going to want to think twice before wandering into these ghostly towns.

by Audrey Webster

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