10 Chilling Stephen King TV Adaptations

    Small screen, big scares.

    Stephen King’s The Mist is about to get its second adaptation, this time as a television miniseries. Although most adaptations of King's tales have had theatrical releases, Spike’s The Mist is not the first TV version. In fact, there have been about 20 television adaptations of King’s work, including some of his best-known novels—and some of the most terrifying adaptations. Today, we're talking about the creepiest of these adaptations, from as early as 1979 to today.

    Salem's Lot


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    Salem’s Lot , King’s second novel, was first adapted as a two-part miniseries in 1979. The special effects are incredibly effective in inducing pure terror, despite being somewhat dated. Many people who saw this adaptation as a child still can’t rewatch the film due to how thoroughly it frightened them. Also notable: Salem’s Lot was remade for television in 2004, this time starring Rob Lowe and Andre Braugher.

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    The Twilight Zone: Gramma


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    In 1985, the first revival of The Twilight Zone began. Episodes of the first season included stories penned by Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, and King. King’s short story, "Gramma", became the basis of the 18th episode of the new season. This hour long episode ratchets up the horror quickly.



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    One of the most famous King adaptations, It began as a TV miniseries, not a film. Tim Curry’s terrifying turn as Pennywise makes It well worth the watch, despite some cheesy effects. Go with the movie cut rather than the full episodes to get to the scares faster.

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    The Stand


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    Molly Ringwald and Gary Sinise star in this miniseries adaptation of King’s post-apocalyptic novel The Stand. After 95% of the world is killed by a “superflu”, survivors are drawn to Nebraska by the same dream. Another group of survivors has gathered in Las Vegas around Randall Flagg, a man with supernatural powers. The Nebraska group must defeat Flagg to save the world. But is Flagg even human anymore?

    The Shining


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    This 1997 miniseries was adapted for the screen by King himself. In order to get the rights to make a new adaptation of The Shining, King had to promise Stanley Kubrick that he would stop criticizing the 1980 film. Unfortunately for Kubrick, King's enmity toward the film has lasted longer than Kubrick's life. The Shining miniseries is much more faithful to the book than the film—although detractors will say that is to the series' expense. Although this adaptation has fewer iconic images than Kubrick's, King's finds the horror in smaller moments.

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    The 1976 horror movie Carrie was the first Stephen King adaptation to appear on film or television and, like The Shining, it has in some ways surpassed the original novel from which it draws its inspiration. This 2002 TV movie was meant to be a backdoor pilot for a show based on the novel, but the series never happened. Although the series wasn’t made, Carrie is worth a watch. Bryan Fuller, creator of Hannibal and Dead Like Me, adapts King’s first novel with a focus on popular girl/tormentor, Chris, played by Lost’s Emilie de Ravin.

    Children of the Corn


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    The original 1984 Children of the Corn movie may not be a great movie, but it is certainly beloved by fans of campy horror. In 2009, SyFy premiered its remake of the child cult story. Hewing more closely to the plot of King’s original short story, the 2009 adaptation has a shocking amount of death and gore for a made-for-television film.

    Bag of Bones


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    James Bond takes on Stephen King. Pierce Brosnan plays a widower haunted by his dead wife in this series inspired by King's novel, Bag of Bones. After befriending another widower, mother to a young daughter, Brosnan realizes that he is literally being haunted—and not just by his wife. Although the miniseries itself teeters on campiness, Brosnan is spectacular as writer Mike Noonan.

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    Hulu may not quite qualify as television, but we’re counting it. James Franco stars in this time-traveling tale as a high school teacher who attempts to stop the assassination of JFK. The eight part series inspired by King's 11/22/63 combines aspects of science fiction, crime novels, spy fiction, romance, and conspiracy theories. If you’re a fan of King’s steps into non-horror, this adaptation is for you.

    The Mist


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    The Mist is coming ... and this adaptation of Stephen King short story from his classic collection, Skeleton Crew promises to be spookier than ever. Premiering June 22nd, Spike's reimagining of King's scarefest will run for 10 episodes. We'll be tuning in with popcorn.

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