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It’s 11/11, Make a Wish…

Do you ever see repeating number patterns? Here’s why.

11/11 Soul Numbers book excerpt
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Do you often notice that the same numbers repeatedly appear on your digital clock? Have you ever wondered why there just happens to be three fours in your telephone number? Has the same number shown up throughout your life so often you’ve adopted it as your lucky number? Are you one of the many who have diminished these repeating number patterns as sheer coincidence, or do you believe there is something more to these quirky occurrences? — Michelle Arbeau, Soul Numbers

Today is November 11—or 11/11—a numeric pattern steeped in lore, legend, and mythology. If you’ve ever been told to “make a wish” when you glance at the clock just when it’s 11:11, you’ve tasted a bit of this mysticism. Some perceive combinations of repeating numbers—often referred to as "angel numbers"—to be messages from angels or guides, or good omens for the future. 

But what do these "angel numbers"—or soul numbers—really mean?

When Michelle Arbeau was a young girl, she briefly died due to choking on a jawbreaker candy. Although her mother was able to clear the obstruction, and Michelle recovered fully, that near-death experience—during which she had an out of body experience and saw beings made of light—changed everything for her.

She came back to life with uncanny psychic abilities, which eventually evolved to the ability to see the energy of numbers in adulthood. This led to her lifelong fascination with numerology—the wisdom of which she compiles in her book.

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If you’ve ever wanted to dive deeper into the meanings of repeating numbers and patterns, Soul Numbers: Decipher the Messages from Your Inner Self to Successful Navigate Life by Michelle Arbeau unlocks the secrets hidden within these ancient codes. Weaving together principles from both science and spirituality, she captures the curiosity of skeptics and spiritual seekers alike. 

Read the following excerpt from the book—and then purchase your own copy to keep reading!

Soul Numbers

Soul Numbers

By Michelle Arbeau

Seeing 11:11 on a clock is seeing a soul number
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Number messages are everywhere … if you’re willing to see them. They are the language of the universe, the code of creation, and wherever you see them, there is a message waiting for you to discover that could change your life. Whether it is a house address, license plate, phone number, employee code, or repeating digits on clocks or signs, there is a reason why that number has come into your awareness. Science has taught us that the world is not chaotic but a series of repeating patterns. The following nine base numerical patterns are the key to unlocking the mysteries of life.

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The Three Planes of Existence

There are three planes of existence through which we experience life; the mind plane, the soul plane, and the physical plane. At any given time, we are operating from one or more of these three levels of existence. The mind plane represents the mental sphere, the soul plane represents the spiritual self, and the emotions and the physical plane represents the physical body and its actions. Each of the base numbers of one to nine resonate with a particular plane of existence. A base number is predominantly a mental energy, feeling energy, or a physical (doing) energy. For example, the lens through which you view the world is based upon which plane of existence your energetic pattern resonates in. Are you a thinker, a feeler, or a doer?

Likewise, the numerical messages that appear in your world have a basis in one of the three planes of existence. Is the numerical message saying take action, heal an emotional wound, or tap into your creative power?

The Mind Plane Numbers 3, 6, 9

When we’re thinking, dreaming, creating, or engaging in any other mental activity, we are working through the energetic patterns of the mind plane.

Comprised of the number of imagination and memory (three), the creative expression and visionary number (six), and the idealistic, ambitious, responsible humanitarian (nine), this plane of existence is typically the brains behind the operation. The mind is a tool to create the experiences necessary for our soul’s evolution.

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The Soul Plane Numbers 2, 5, 8

When we are emotionally charged, meditating, spiritually reflecting, or focused on any other heart based effort, we are working through the energetic patterns of the soul plane. Pulling together the three most emotionally and spiritually charged numbers, the soul plane is the home of that little inner voice that keeps the overzealous and sometimes overanalyzing mind plane in check and on track. If we choose to listen to its inner nudges. Joining forces on this plane is the sensitive, intuitive, and cooperative number (two), the heart-centered emotional based freedom of expression energy (five) and the wise, independent, assertive soulful leader (eight).

Screenshot of 11:11 on November 11
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The Physical Plane Numbers 1, 4, 7

When we are painting a house, running a marathon, driving our car, or actively involved in any other physical based action, we are working through the energetic patterns of the physical plane. Ideas born in the mind plane then ignited with passion by the soul plane are then brought to fruition through the physical plane. Our body becomes the vehicle through which we live our life experiences. Taking action, in the physical sense, regarding our goals and dreams is an important part in creating the life we desire. This is the plane of existence where we make things happen and bring our dreams to life. The best and most effective way to learn is through personal experience. The expression “live and learn” is fitting here. This plane combines the pioneering trailblazer verbal self-expression number (one) with the practical, solid foundation-building energy (four) and the teaching/learning truth-seeker that craves learning through hands-on doing (seven).

The Base Numbers 1–9

The base numbers are like the primary colors, from which every other color is based in. Everything that makes up the physical plane is comprised of the vibrational essence of one or more of the numbers one to nine. There are no exceptions or gray areas. Each of these nine numbers has its own unique vibrational pattern and distinct positive/negative attributes. These nine numbers form the basis of what Pythagoras called the “science of numbers,” and what we now call Numerology today.

The keywords that follow each definition give a summary of the traits and characteristics of each number meaning. Wherever you see a particular number, it will carry some or all of the keywords associated with it, depending on where you see it and how the energy is used. For example, a few of the traits of the number one are ambitious and aggressive. When analyzing an address vibration, the building isn’t necessarily going to be ambitious or aggressive, but it may ignite these qualities in the homeowners.

The Base Number Meanings (One to Nine and Zero) 

One is the first physical plane number. It governs our communications skills and verbal self-expression through the ego. One is the only complete number, representing our divine expression through the physical. As the number most linked to ego, it is a driven and active energy, seeking achievement and success. Keywords: verbal self-expression, initiate, action, ambitious, determined, pioneering, aggressive.

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Two is the first soul plane number. It represents our dualistic nature as spiritual beings in a physical body. The two represents our need to find balance between these two opposing sides of ourselves. Two is the number of intuition, sensitivity and cooperation. Keywords: contrast, balance, cooperation, sensitive, intuitive, supportive, co-dependent.

Three is the first mind plane number. As the imaginative yet rational and analytical number, it represents left-brain activity. Three is the number of imagination and memory and is particularly linked to the numbers one and two. Three’s expression is directly tied to the intuitive and sensitive energy of the two and the verbal expression of the one. Three is symbolic of the mind (three), body (one), and soul (two) connection. Keywords: analytical, intelligent, humorous, social, sensitive, observant, critical.

Four is the middle physical plane number. It represents stability, steady progress, practicality, and organization. It is the anchor of the physical plane and is represented by the solid and stable construction of the square with its four equal sides. It is the most primitive of numbers. Keywords:

endurance, progress, foundation, practical, organization, solid, stable, materialistic.

Five is the middle soul plane number and is also the central number on the birth chart. Five symbolizes the heart/emotions and as the center number, links the energies of all the other numbers. It is the heart and soul of the birth chart. Five must have freedom to express itself as by nature, it is an erratic, free-flowing energy pattern. The five energy lends us the ability to see the world through the eyes of the soul. Keyword: loving, sensitive, irregular, artistic, freedom-seeking, passionate, uncertain.

Six is the middle Mind Plane number. It links both the three (left-brain) and the nine (right-brain). It is the number of extremes with both a strong positive and negative side. Six has an enormous amount of creative potential as the number of creativity. When not positively creating, it can slip into the opposite (and negative) side of creativity … destruction. In the negative, six is dominated by worry, anxiety and other negative thought patterns. In the positive, six can act as the “balancer” of the mind plane with its responsible, nurturing, and peace-maker qualities. Keywords: creative, responsible, nurturing, home-loving, peace-maker, doting, worry-wart, people-pleaser, hostess, gossipy.

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Seven is the last and most active physical plane number. As the teaching/learning number, it is high “doing” energy. Seven learns through personal experience (often through hindsight), preferring to leap first and think later. Sacrifice and loss tend to be the rule of thumb for the seven energy. Such learning sets the stage for the accumulation of a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom in a short amount of time, making seven the self-made wise sage. Keywords: wise, contemplative, achiever, determined, stubborn, active.

Eight is the last and most active soul plane number. It represents wisdom and independence. Eight is confident, assertive, naturally wise and very much a leadership energy. Yet, at the same time, eight is loving and tender. These conflicting aspects of the eight energy create its main lesson—to learn to recognize that openly expressing love and appreciation will not subtract from independence, but add to it. Keywords: independent, wise leader, loving, assertive, confident, dynamic, detached, selfish.

Nine is the last and most active mind plane number. Although nine represents the right brain, it also combines the attributes of the other two mind plane numbers, three and six. Ambition (three), responsibility (six) and idealism (nine) make up the whole essence of the nine energy. Despite the idealistic and driven nature of the nine, it is a seeker of peace and justice and is considered the humanitarian number. Keywords: humanitarian, ambitious, responsible, justice-seeking, idealistic, unselfish, driven, opinionated, judgmental.

Zero is not a number but a symbol of the infinite. It symbolizes nothing and everything—energy not yet manifested into the physical. Zero represents our spiritual potential. Those with one or more zeros in their date of birth have an inherent spiritual awareness, waiting to be brought to full fruition. When a zero shows up in a numerical message, it highlights the importance or urgency of the message. The more zeros, the more important the message is.

Master Numbers

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The Master Numbers are the higher vibrating energetic versions of several of the base numbers (1, 2, 4, 6). They represent the number’s more spiritual form. In certain instances, such as when analyzing the full sum of our birth date (main essence) or calculating our name’s energy, it is beneficial to leave the sum unreduced to a single digit as it gives a more accurate view of the energetic pattern. The exceptions are if the sum adds to 10, 11, 22 or 33. They are considered the spiritually-based guiding energies of Earth Guide (10), Spiritual Guide (11), Master Builder (22) and Master Teacher (33). It is thought that they carry a greater responsibility to mankind in the sense that their energy is meant to be utilized in a broader sense and to have global reach.

With a firm handle on the base energies that make up the world we know, we’re ready to explore which of these base patterns our own lives have been built with. We are all one of the base numbers from one to nine, and the next chapter will take us on the journey to discovering what our main essence or energetic pattern is all about. Are you an analytical and imaginative three, an intuitive and sensitive two, or an action-seeking, hindsight learning seven? Knowing which main energetic pattern is yours can reveal the theme of life or the glasses through which the world is viewed.

Want to keep reading—and learn all about your personal numerology? Buy your copy of Soul Numbers below! 

Soul Numbers

Soul Numbers

By Michelle Arbeau

Featured photo: c.e.b / Flickr (CC)