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5 New Queer Horror Movies to Get Excited About (And 5 You Should Already Know)

A glimpse into the future of queer horror cinema—and a stroll through the recent past.

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Horror has always been a genre that draws an audience of underdogs and outcasts—concepts that many people within the queer community can relate to. Whether weaving a nuanced social commentary or playing into the queer fascination with the monstrous, horror is typically ahead of the curve in terms of on (and off) screen diversity. The next year is full of promising horror film offerings which boast queer representation and themes. And while that's always something to get pumped about, let's not forget the incredible catalog of queer horror that came before.

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Here are five exciting new queer horror movies, and five queer horror movies you should already be watching on repeat.

5 New Queer Horror Movies to Get Excited About


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This upcoming Blumhouse Production is set to premiere on August 5th on Peacock. Openly gay writer John Logan penned the film, stepping out in his directorial debut with it as well. While there isn't a ton of information on the plot as of yet, it's described as being a story of queer empowerment set at a gay conversion camp. The movie features Kevin Bacon, Anna Chlumsky, Carrie Preston, and more.

Scream 6

scream 6
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Openly gay screenwriter Kevin Williamson created and launched the Scream franchise back in 1996. For the sixth installment in the film series, Williamson has returned as an executive producer. And while this film probably isn't going to be rife with queer-centric storytelling, it's still a pretty big deal that a member of the core group is a black lesbian, as portrayed by Jasmin Savoy Brown, who is a queer woman in real life. We'll be waiting a bit longer for this film, as it won't hit theaters until March 31st, 2023.


Clive Barker has established himself as one of the most prominent names in horror—queer or otherwise. In 1987, Hellraiser adapted one of his infamous novellas, The Hellbound Heart, a tale that unravels a dimension in which overwhelming pleasure is inextricably linked with endless pain. The reboot of this franchise will hit Hulu sometime later this year and stars transgender actress Jamie Clayton as Pinhead.


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After generating positive buzz at SXSW as a heartfelt, psychologically devastating horror film, Hypochondriac is set to have a theatrical release on July 29th, hitting On Demand on August 4th. The film centers around Will (Zach Villa), a young gay man who works in a pottery shop. Though he's in a loving relationship with his boyfriend, Luke (Devon Graye), Will is tormented with spectral visions of his own traumatic past. As his trauma manifests in more disturbing ways, he begins to lose function of his body. A rich character study of a man living with mental illness, this chilling new film is one you won't want to miss.

So Vam

Set for a digital release on June 21st, this queer vampire horror flick takes camp to its highest limits. Withering away in a conservation town, Kurt has big dreams of becoming a famous drag queen in the city. After a predatory creature of the night leaves him on the brink of death, he is turned by a crew of rebellious vampires who feed upon local bigots. Kurt has found a new sense of belonging as a member of the undead community, but his killer is still at large, creating minions which threaten everything he holds dear. For those who are tapped into the drag scene, notable queen BenDeLaCreme makes an appearance in the film.

And 5 Queer Horror Movies You Should Already Know

Stranger By The Lake

This 2013 English subtitled French film is an erotic thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. In the heat of the summer, Franck (Pierre Deladonchamps) seeks love along a gay cruising beach. Along the lake shore, he meets the irresistible Michel (Christophe Paou). However, Michel is as dangerous as he is handsome. When Franck witnesses him commit a terrible crime, he ignores this in favor of pursuing his desire.


This 2019 queer feminist horror romp stars transgender actress Nicole Maines in the lead role of Laurel. After graduating high school and transitioning, Laurel moves in with her brother in Los Angeles for a fresh start. But everything changes on her first night out when a vampire girl gang turns her into a member of their posse. As the women scour the streets hunting down predatory men, Laurel's own morals start to conflict with her new lifestyle.

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This 2014 psychological horror film is often fondly referred to as "a lesbian Rosemary's Baby." A lesbian couple—Leah (Gaby Hoffmann) and June (Ingrid Jungermann)—move into a brownstone apartment in Brooklyn with their toddler, Lyle (Eleanor Hopkins). After a devastating tragedy, the pregnant Leah spirals into grief and paranoia. As everyone around her seems to be coldly impassive to her heartbreak, she becomes convinced that her new baby is in danger—and the source of her troubles is her new building itself.


This 2004 gay slasher comes from the co-creator of Halloween and the executive producer of A Nightmare on Elm Street. For the gay community, Halloween is often considered a beloved holiday full of make-believe and partying. But one Halloween night in West Hollywood turns deadly as the festivities are interrupted by a serial killer. As the killer stalks a group of friends through the Halloween festival, not everyone will survive to see the light of day.

What Keeps You Alive

This 2018 Canadian psychological horror film follows a young married couple, Jackie (Hannah Emily Anderson) and Jules (Brittany Allen). To celebrate their first anniversary, they take a trip out to a remote mountain cabin. As Jules catches glimpses of Jackie's life before they were together, she becomes uneasy about all the things she never knew. And then an ultimate betrayal puts her life on the line.