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Most Anticipated New Horror Books for the Rest of 2022

The best of 2022 horror is yet to come...

new horror books in 2022

It’s crazy to think that 2022 is almost over. What is time? And though it might feel like most of the new books have already come out, there’s so much left in store for us in the final months of the year. So don’t snooze on these upcoming releases!

Crime Scene

Crime Scene

By Cynthia Pelayo

The latest poetry collection from the prolific Cynthia Pelayo, this time we get a look at the poetic side of a particular darkness: the crime scene left in the wake of murder and loss. Each poem is sown together as an ongoing report of what happens when children discover a dead body. The effect is equally haunting yet tremendously empathetic. It’s also a testament to the complexity of a human being, where nobody is “innocent” and everything we do contains multitudes.

hallowed oblivion

Hallowed Oblivion

By Katherine Silva

Katherine Silva is putting out books in the ever-expanding Wild Oblivion universe for some time now, and Hallowed Oblivion is the latest. A perfect novella for Halloween, the book tellsl the tale of one Hank Feld, a forest ranger at White Mountain National Forest. He is tasked with finding a group of missing hikers on Halloween night. Of course, it wouldn’t just be a search party for it to be a memorable and haunting tale; Feld is soon hunted by a disturbing creature and survival becomes suspect as he attempts to unearth himself from becoming yet another human lost to the woods.

All These Subtle Deceits

All These Subtle Deceits

By C.S. Humble

Initially published by Ghoulish Books and set to be republished in a new edition on Sadie Hartmann’s Dark Hart Books, All These Subtle Deceits is indeed a hauntingly subtle work of horror that’s destined to mess with you. Being compared with the Blatty’s unforgettable novel and inspiration for an equally unforgettable film, The Exorcist, Humble’s book introduces readers to Lauren Saunders as she moves away from a toxic relationship to the town of Black Wells, Colorado. It’s supposed to, you know, go right, but then she ends up under attack from supernatural forces that will require her to enlist the aid of a “spiritual intercessor” named William Daniels. The first in a series, you better read it now so you are ready for the inevitable second volume!

wayward chuck wendig


By Chuck Wendig

Chuck Wendig’s back! In Wayward we are brought back to the horrific events that transpired in Wanderers, which involved people suddenly sleepwalking in a crazy trance, with people becoming shepherds for the masses that move in flux. A jump into the future by five years, we are introduced to the destination: Ouray, a town in Colorado that has become one of the final outposts of civilization. Society has completely crumbled, and now it’s about rebuilding if they can. Truly one of the most anticipated titles this year, Wendig’s sequel is bound to hit us hard and leave us wondering about big-picture questions about society as a whole. It doesn’t take much to see it crumble.

taboo in four colors

Taboo in Four Colors

By Tim McGregor

Lure is a veritable masterpiece and so you bet McGregor is on this list for the upcoming Taboo in Four Colors, which is coming out via Sadie Hartmann’s My Dark Library series.

This time, McGregor paints a different picture. It’s the 70s in New York City and we are dropped into the shoes of Wally Carson, a comic book artist responsible for illustrating the work of a reclusive writer named Salazar. The writer starts missing deadlines and Wally is sent to find out why. Put into a precarious position, it’s not about necessarily “saving” the writer, but rather about making him disappear. This is the kind of book that’s bound to be a single-sitting read.