Marianne: Netflix's Witchy New Horror Show Is Here to Haunt Your Nightmares

The creepy trailer made our skin crawl.

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Summer is winding down and a chill is in the air. For horror fans, the approach of autumn means just one thing: the wave of scary movies and shows set to come. We’re already primed for the release of IT: Chapter Two in September and the return of American Horror Story. Today, however, Netflix dropped a trailer for a terrifying new gem that belongs at the top of your must-see horror list: Marianne

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Created by Samuel Bodin, the creepy French series follows a successful horror novelist named Emma, played by Call Me By Your Name’s Victoire Du Bois. Emma’s found success in the horror world by writing about what she knows—she pens spooky tales about a sinister entity that plagued her dreams as a child. The entity’s name? Marianne. According to Emma, Marianne is a “witch” who “enters your soul.” Emma writes her books as a means of fighting back against the witchy figure and the icy spell she casts. But what happens when your childhood nightmare springs to life—and comes looking for you? 

Marianne, it seems, is far more than a figment of Emma’s imagination; the witch is real, and she’s terrorizing Emma’s hometown. Now, Emma must confront the demonic force from her childhood, the same force that fuels her writing today. What follows is a grisly confrontation between the dreamer and her midnight vision.

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This is not your run-of-the-mill wicked witch, Toto. Marianne dives deep into horror, tapping into demonic possession, shocks of violence, and Silence of the Lambs–style body gore. Take a look:  

Netflix is quickly becoming a killer destination for high-quality thrills and chills, serving up feature-length horror flicks like 1922 and Gerald’s Game and horror shows like The Haunting of Hill House. The streaming platform is especially adept at scouring the globe for international horror fare and delivering it to hungry stateside viewers, from the Spanish possession horror Verónica to the mind-bending German sci-fi horror series Dark.

Add Marianne to the frightening list.  

Marianne hits Netflix on Friday, September 13. Until then, sleep tight.  

Featured still of "Marianne" via Netflix

Published on 27 Aug 2019