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Pennywise Turns Up the Terror in Brand New IT: Chapter Two Trailer

The members of Losers' Club definitely have their work cut out for them.

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Grab your red balloon, horror fans. IT: Chapter Two, the sequel to 2017’s IT is set to hit theaters this September, and a bone-chilling new trailer just dropped to whet our appetites. The new trailer debuted last night, at San Diego Comic-Con. Today, it hits the web to entice and terrify viewers everywhere—delivering a good look at the Losers' Club as adults and everyone's favorite dancing, shape-shifting clown, Pennywise. 

The trailer opens with grown-up Losers' Club member Mike Hanlon, played by Isaiah Mustafa, musing over what happens when you leave Derry. The memories fade, no matter how nightmarish. But Mike never left town, he remembers all of it. Shortly afterwards, the trailer cuts to Pennywise claiming a new victim—some poor guy who gets washed away into the sewers below the city. As the man struggles to stay afloat down there (ahem), Pennywise appears, his eyes glowing yellow, then lets out a couple of creepy giggles.

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After a couple one-two shots of the Losers' Club members as adults, we next get an interesting scene in a funhouse with a grown-up Bill Denbrough (played by James McAvoy). Bill moves through a hall of mirrors, and soon spots a lone child. He races to save the boy. Sadly, he may be too late. Pennywise lurks in the strobe-lit maze, his tongue pressed up against the glass. Of course, Bill lost his little brother Georgie to Pennywise's ghoulish grip many years ago. We can see why he wants to save ths youngster from becoming another victim. Though questions remain as to the child's identity: Is he a random carnival attendee, or a more important character in the movie? 

With all respect to the young cast of IT, the adult crew of IT: Chapter Two is definitely one of the sequel's most exciting details. And while we caught a few glimpses of the adults in the first trailer, the latest sneak peek gives us a clear look at the adult cast in action, including Bill Hader as Richie Tozier. What's more, IT: Chapter Two is shaping up to be bloody—very, very bloody. Recently, director Andy Muschietti and Jessica Chastain, who plays grown-up Beverly Marsh, suggested that the sequel may set a record for the most on-screen blood used in a single movie. According to this article on Polygon, Chastain estimates the film features around 4,500 gallons of the red stuff, a significant amount of which appears in the latest trailer.  

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IT: Chapter Two is set to hit theaters on September 6. While we all await the return of Pennywise, check out the trailer below.

Feature still of 'IT: Chapter Two' via Warner Bros.