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You Can Now Buy New York's Horrific—and Haunted—Kreischer Mansion

The Victorian house has a history of violence, ghosts, and more.

kreischer mansion for sale
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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Note: The Kreischer Mansion is now off the market.

Hidden away on Staten Island, a ferry ride away from Manhattan, sits the Kreischer Mansion. Built in the 1880s, this home has a very morbid history—and at least one ghost to its name. Now, you could be the proud owner of this historically haunted dwelling.

The Kreischer Mansion was built by Balthasar Kreischer for his son, Edward, in 1885. After living, seemingly happily, in the house for nine years, Edward shot himself. Reports vary as to the cause, but either Edward had fought with his brother, Charles, or he was left distraught after the Kreischers’ brick factory burned to the ground.

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Regardless, Edward’s ghost is reportedly still hovering around to this day. Others say that his widow, left alone in the wake of Edward's suicide, is the one haunting the premises, searching for her husband.

The property changed hands throughout the 20th century. By the early 2000s, a former Marine named Joseph "Joe Black" Young was hired to watch over the Kreischer until it sold again.

Unfortunately, Young had connections to the Bonanno crime family—and when they asked him to “take care of some business” in 2005, he happily obliged. Young brought the target, Robert McKelvey, to the mansion where he attempted to strangle the man. Unsuccessful with that method, Young instead drowned him in a decorative pond in the yard, then chopped up the body and tossed the pieces into the furnace.

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After all of that, there’s got to be some bad spirits hanging around. But if that's what you look for in a home, you’re in luck!

You can purchase the Kreischer Mansion, located on the aptly named Arthur Kill Road, for a mere $2 million. Check out the listing on StreetEasy for more photos. 

Feature photo: Wikimedia Commons