Every Horror Movie Coming to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime This July

Something wicked this way comes.

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Feeling cooped up and itching for a new spooky escape? Your favorite streaming services have you covered. 

From nightmare-inducing classics like Poltergeist to frightening new flicks like The Devil's Candy, from underrated gems like Splice to can't-miss horror hits like Paranormal Activity, you're sure to find plenty of streaming options for your next summertime horror movie marathon in the list below. So settle in and dim the lights. Here are the best horror movies coming to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime this July.


Paranormal Activity (July 1)

The haunted house phenomenon is now coming to haunt your living room. The first installment in the Paranormal Activity film series is hitting Netflix, and this found-footage horror movie is one to watch with the lights on. If you feel like your house has been watching you this quarantine, maybe it is…

Poltergeist (July 1)

The classic horror movie is finally coming to Netflix on July 1. Released in 1982, Poltergeist follows a young family in the California suburbs and their attempts to bring their daughter back to the real world after she’s abducted by malevolent spirits. With lore about the set rivaling the film itself, this movie will scar a whole new generation of viewers.

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Red Riding Hood (July 1)

This horror romance, based loosely on the famous fairytale, features Amanda Seyfried as a version of Little Red Riding Hood. Torn between two men, Valerie is prepared to run off with her true love. But before she can leave, her sister is killed by a werewolf. When a monster hunter comes to their village to find and kill the beast, Valerie begins to suspect the wolf may be someone she loves.

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Sleepy Hollow (July 1)

From horror legend Tim Burton comes this supernatural flick based on Washington Irving’s classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Featuring a stellar cast headed by Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci, the film follows police constable Ichabod Crane (Depp), who's dispatched to the hamlet of Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of brutal murders and reports of a menacing, headless apparition.

Splice (July 1)

This sci-fi horror movie stars Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley, and Abigail Chu. When a geneticist couple conducts a secret experiment to mix human and animal species DNA, the result is an incredible sentient creature. At first, the geneticists are amazed by Dren. But as she grows and learns, she turns into their worst possible nightmare.

The Witches (July 1)

Based on Roald Dahl’s children’s novel of the same name, The Witches stars Anjelica Huston as the leader of a coven of witches with a proclivity for turning children into mice. When a young boy oversees the witches’ convention, he becomes their first test subject. With the help of a hotel manager and his grandmother, Luke will have to find a way to fight back—in mouse form.

Winchester (July 1)

In this horror biopic coming to Netflix on July 1, Helen Mirren stars as the infamous Sarah Winchester of Winchester Mystery House fame. Heiress to the Winchester fortune, legend has it that the real Sarah Winchester believed she was haunted by all those who died from Winchester gunfire. To appease the spirits, she began a massive construction project at her home, and never stopped building. Considered one of the world’s most haunted houses, journey inside this labyrinthine structure through the film, all from the comfort of your own non-haunted home.

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The Devil's Candy (July 1)

This 2017 horror film hits Hulu on July 1. Written and directed by Sean Byrne, the film follows a struggling painter who becomes possessed after he and his family move into a new home in rural Texas. A truly creepy haunted house film for the ages. Note: This title is scheduled to hit Hulu in July. As of publishing, it has yet to surface on the streaming platform.

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The Axe Murders of Villisca

In 1912, eight people were murdered by an axe-wielding killer in Villisca, Iowa. The case remains unsolved to this day. In this chilling horror movie now on Hulu, two friends with a penchant for ghost hunting sneak into the house where the infamous killings occurred. What they discover, however, is a haunting far beyond their wildest imaginations. Note: This title is scheduled to hit Hulu in July. As of publishing, it has yet to surface on the streaming platform.

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Freddy vs. Jason (July 1)

If you’re looking for horror with a side of camp this summer, Freddy vs. Jason is coming to Hulu on July 1 to satisfy that craving. The two horror icons face off in this slasher flick to beat all others. It's the perfect selection if you can’t decide which horror movie to watch; this film gives you the best of both worlds!

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Amazon Prime Video

Panic Room (July 1)

From master director David Fincher, Panic Room is the claustrophobia-inducing home invasion movie you need to watch on Amazon Prime this month. Starring Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart, the film follows a young mother and daughter on their first night in their new apartment. When armed intruders break in, they escape to their panic room, and what results is a pulse-racing game of cat-and-mouse.

Phase IV (July 1)

This visually inventive sci-fi horror first crawled into the theaters in 1974, and is now available for your creepy streaming pleasure on Amazon Prime. Scientists working in the Arizona desert are overrun by an army of hyper-intelligent mutant ants. 

Anaconda (July 1)

Yup, we're talking about the 1997 snake horror thriller starring Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, and Jon Voight. A documentary film crew sets out into the Amazon rainforest. Soon after departing, however, they're taken hostage by an unhinged hunter who's dead-set on capturing the world's largest, deadliest snake. Come for the sweet, sweet late-90s special effects, stay for Voight's bonkers accent. 

The Eye (July 1)

This 2008 American remake of the Asian horror movie of the same name stars Jessica Alba, Parker Posey, and Alessandro Nivola. A blind violinist is able to see after undergoing a corneal transplant. But she gets more than she bargained for when she realizes she's able to see increasingly disturbing ghosts.

The Devil's Rejects (July 1)

Coming to Amazon Prime in July is the second installment in Rob Zombie’s Firefly film series. The sequel to House of 1000 Corpses, this film gained a cult following after its release in 2005. After a raid on their home, the Firefly family takes to the road to continue their murder spree. While right behind them, the authorities close in...

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Published on 1 Jul 2020