14 Terrifying Horror Movies from 2016 You Should Watch Immediately

    You may want to leave the lights on after watching these movies...

    Horror movies in 2016 were a bonanza business. Whether your taste steers toward homicidal forests, doomsday preppers, ghosts, or killer clowns, 2016 had the goods. These horror movies from 2016 aren’t necessarily the best movies of the year, but they are all flicks we found worthwhile in that year.


    Photo Credit: Still from Martyrs via Anchor Bay Entertainment

    This remake of the 2008 French torture porn didn’t live up to its original--to be fair, that would have been a difficult task. But it did provide a fantastic central character in Lucy, and reimagined the original rather than simply remaking it in English. The 2016 film is less condemning of the torture contained within, but if you’re a fan of the gore and terror, it’s worth a watch.

    The Forest

    The Forest
    Photo Credit: Still from The Forest via Gramercy Pictures

    Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones) stars in this terrifying tale of a real location known for suicides. But is the Aokigahara forest really just a place where desperate people go to end their lives? Or do the woods have a more sinister impact on its tourists? Dormer’s character will soon find out…

    The Witch

    The Witch
    Photo Credit: Still from The Witch via A24

    Although critically acclaimed, Dave Eggers’s The Witch has been divisive among horror fans. It’s a truly good movie, though, and is sure to reward viewers who go in with an understanding of what they’re in for. There won’t be jump scares or witchy hexes. Instead, there’s a creeping undertone of dread throughout.

    10 Cloverfield Lane

    best horror movies 2016 10 Cloverfield Lane
    Photo Credit: Still from 10 Cloverfield Lane via Paramount Pictures

    10 Cloverfield Lane wasn’t quite a sequel to J.J. Abrams’s earlier Cloverfield, but it shares much of the spirit of its predecessor. When Michelle wakes up in an underground bunker, she is told that the world has ended while she was unconscious.

    Before I Wake

    Before I Wake
    Photo Credit: Still from Before I Wake via Intrepid Pictures

    Before I Wake wasn’t released in general theaters in the U.S. due to a strange conflagration of issues with the production company, international releases, and international streaming on Netflix. However, Before I Wake is finally on U.S. Netflix, so you can see one of the best 2016 horror movies. Directed by Mike Flanagan (Hush, Oculus, Gerald’s Game) and starring Jacob Tremblay (Room), Kate Bosworth, and Thomas Jane, this terrifying supernatural thriller will make you never want to have kids.

    The Conjuring 2

    The Conjuring 2
    Photo Credit: Still from The Conjuring 2 via New Line Cinema

    Break the sequel curse with The Conjuring 2, James Wan’s second movie about Ed and Lorraine Warren, this time about the Enfield Poltergeist. This installment is just as terrifying as the first Conjuring film.

    Lights Out

    horror movies 2016 lights out
    Photo Credit: Still from Lights Out via New Line Cinema

    A lot of horror movies have concepts as ambitious as Lights Out, but few execute them as well. In Lights Out, a family is haunted by terrifying figures--but only when the lights are out.

    Don’t Breathe

    best scary movies 2016 dont breathe
    Photo Credit: Still from Don’t Breathe via Screen Gems

    Three teens break into a house to steal a blind veteran’s cash. Unfortunately for them, the vet isn’t nearly as helpless as they believe. And in fact, he’s been up to no good on his own.

    The Girl on the Train

    The Girl on the Train
    Photo Credit: Still from The Girl on the Train via DreamWorks SKG

    This modern thriller book by Paula Hawkins had readers gasping; its adaptation was equally mind-boggling. Emily Blunt’s performance as an alcoholic, who becomes obsessed with a murder, won high praise, and the twist delighted audiences (who hadn’t read the book).


    Look, 31 won’t be for everyone. But if you’re a fan of Rob Zombie movies, his 2016 movie will hit the sweet spot. Five carnival workers are trapped by a bunch of killer clowns and forced to play “31”. Will they survive a night with the clown?

    Nocturnal Animals

    Tom Ford (yes, of fragrance and fashion) directed this disturbing psychological thriller about a nastily entangled couple attempting to separate themselves.


    The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon
    Photo Credit: Still from Neon Demon via Space Rocket Nation

    Neon Demon suffers from a common Nicholas Winding Refn issue: The movie is stylistically beautiful, and the initial plot is intriguing, yet the film remains just a bit… empty. Despite this, The Neon Demon is an off-the-wall, terrifying and luridly gorgeous flick that will leave you thinking.


    netflix movies in october
    Photo Credit: Netflix

    Another Mike Flanagan flick, Hush was one of the best horror movies in 2016. A high-concept film, Hush follows a young deaf woman as a masked killer stalks her home. With no one nearby to hear her screams, Maddie must fend for herself.

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    Girl with All the Gifts

    upcoming horror movies the girl with all the gifts

    A lot of people are burnt out on zombie flicks, but if more of them were like The Girl with All the Gifts, we’d still be clamoring for more. It’s a post-apocalyptic zombie road trip tale, featuring a precocious young zombie girl who may be the only hope to save humanity.


    Featured Still from "31" via Bow and Arrow Entertainment

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